Play Preview: Afro Samurai

Play-mag writes: "As you'd expect from watching the blood soaked anime, Afro Samurai's gameplay revolves around combat. Forget the pre-scripted amputations of Fallout 3 – this game takes dismemberment to a whole new level. Enemies can be sliced, diced and reduced to itty-bitty pieces, and all in real-time.

All it takes is a press of the shoulder button to slow down the action, enabling players to shift an ominous white guideline anywhere across their target's body. Let go of the Attack button and Afro Samurai's katana cuts down the line, sending fragments of scalps, toes, hands, and anything else caught in the chop, flying. It's gruesome stuff, and we'd expect a Daily Mail outcry if it wasn't for the game's cartoon veneer."

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