Major Software Companies Sued for Patent Infringement

PC World:

"Twenty-two major software and security companies are being sued for alleged patent infringement by a little-known entity now controlling the two patents in question.

Information Protection and Authentication of Texas (IPAT) filed suit on Dec. 30 against companies such as Microsoft, Symantec and CA, alleging infringement of U.S. patents No. 5,311,591 and No. 5,412,717.

Patent 5,311,591 is called "Computer System Security Method and Apparatus for Creating and Using Program Authorization Information Data Structures" and was granted in May 1994. The inventor is credited as Addison M. Fischer [cq] of Naples, Florida. The innovation is intended to allow a computer user to control how an application behaves in order to thwart other malicious software."

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Darkseider3630d ago

This is why software patents should be abolished. Strangely enough both of those patents look really similar to stuff pre-existing the patents. A.K.A. the "su" and "sudo" commands in Unix AND the MD5 Checksum to verify a files' integrity. Just plain lame.

ongbakurhead3630d ago

You should only be able to patent something if you actually plan on making it or produce a working prototype imo. Patenting an idea an just sitting on it waiting for someone else to make it so you can sue is a joke.