Media Create Sales: 12/29 - 01/04 (Hardware)

DSi 182,518
PSP 157,088
Wii 119,965
PS3 60,654
DS Lite 48,160
Xbox 360 19,694
PS2 12,548

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Nathan Drake3625d ago

Good numbers for Sony and Nintendo

ReBurn3625d ago

At least on the handheld side. The console side of the world is pretty pathetic in Japan. I guess the Wii is doing ok, but HD gaming is really suffering over there.

Danja3625d ago

nice everyone saw a really nice sales increase this week..

PSP is catching up on those DSi figures..

PS3 sales looking really solid ..same with the 360...'

and PS2 is like the energizer bunny..keeps on going..XD

user94220773625d ago

I'm amazed with the PSP sales.

Raoh3625d ago

nice numbers indeed.

and yeah.. the only way i see the ps2 dying is if sony announces ps2 emulation or some sort of backward compatibility into all ps3's

morganfell3625d ago

I have an earlier post on N4G predicting that is going to happen at E3 as part of the PS2 phase out.

PantherLotus3624d ago

I would love to see it happen, but I'm afraid PS2 BC is gone forever. Our only hope is to be able to download PS2 games from PSN, similar to Virtual Console.

Hey, it could happen!

belal3625d ago

but still the ps3 is killing it :P will be interesting to see i f 360 can maintain these numbers for a while, same goes for the ps3 :)

Danja3625d ago

the PS3 will have a really good 1st quarter in Japan

WKC is still selling well
FFV11 : Advent Children next month
Yakuza 3 : Bundle
RE:5 Bundle

Sarcasm3624d ago

If FFXIII really truely stays exclusive to the PS3 in Japan. Then there will be no more silly arguments of 360 vs PS3 in Japan for hardware. And then when Gran Turismo 5 hits, the lead will be extended even further. However I'm not sure what other titles down the pipe line will have those kind of sales numbers afterwards though.

Anybody else know what huge franchise the Japanese will gobble up?

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The story is too old to be commented.