Play Preview: Red Faction Guerrilla

Play-mag writes: "
In 2001, Volition released Red Faction on the world. While at first glance it seemed like any old first-person shooter, sitting down with a controller in hand revealed its secret weapon: Geo-Mod technology. Completely turning certain preconceptions on their head, Red Faction was one of the first games to offer an unscripted battleground where nearly everything could be damaged in some way. Some sections existed solely to encourage you to manipulate the geography. After an expected sequel and some continued success, the series went quiet once more… until now!

Set 50 years after Red Faction II, you find yourself back on Mars as the feud from the previous games continues to rage. The Earth Defence Force (EDF) is still battling the miners. While characters from the past won't appear in person, certain structures will be named after them, keeping their legacy alive. Volition had mentioned it was waiting for the 'next generation' of consoles before releasing a third game to truly encapsulate the plans it had. So with that now in full swing, Guerrilla is on the verge of release."

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