Sony details Resistance PSP/PS3 link-up bonus

At CES this week Sony Computer Entertainment announced a new Infected mode for its upcoming PSP third-person shooter, Resistance: Retribution.

This game mode will be unlocked when connecting a PSP to a PS3 with a copy of Resistance 2. This will then "infect" Resistance: Retribution, unlocking new ways to play, including:

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Sony PlayStation 33624d ago

"New R2 weapon: HE .44 Magnum"

So I guess that means that Retribution will get the explosive magnum as well :D

The Magnum is my favorite new weapon is R2!

Aclay3624d ago

Yep, Resistance Retribution will get that Magnum with the Explosive rounds that was in R2, and they demonstrated that Magnum in the game at CES. You can watch it here:

Anyone that has a PSP and has Resistance 2 for PS3, I think Retribution is a definite must buy.

Ju3623d ago

I think I will update my PSP for that game. I want to play it on my 42" with a DS3. Nice.

kharma453624d ago

I've a feeling that this may be one of the defining games on the PSP. If MotorStorm and LBP make the transition to handheld, the PSP will have some strong titles coming.

Lucreto3624d ago

Wow another reason to buy the game.

ultimolu3624d ago

...Now that is a must-buy for me.

meepmoopmeep3624d ago


i hope it's a good game worth buying though.

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The story is too old to be commented.