Honest Gamers Review: Valkryria Chronicles

Honest Gamers:

"Does presentation and innovative battle systems a good game make? In Valkyria Chronicles, the answer is yes. Despite all of my complaints, I had a really good time with the game, and it's well worth the thirty dollars it quickly dropped to. However, I have trouble eating a cookie when I know it could do with a little bit more chocolate chips and they're sitting in an unopened bag nearby while the cook is getting drunk upstairs. Valkyria Chronicles could've been a masterpiece. As it is, it's an unforgettable exclusive for the PS3. Maybe that's good enough, but I'm holding out for that extra chip."

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Rikitatsu3624d ago


The game deserves nothing less than 9

hay3624d ago

It deserves more than 7. I don't really think he is in position to criticize Valk as unfinished beta judging by mistakes in the article.
I don't agree with the reviewer at all. He says that there's too much story between fights(isn't it RPG?), but I would love to see more cutscenes.

truehunter3624d ago

worth 30 dollars ?? was that a joke ?? This game is worth more then 120 dollars once theres no more copies.