Guerrilla Games Looking For New Talented People

Guerrilla Games working hard on the Killzone 2 next month release, but they looking also forward if Killzone 2 is released. Guerrilla Games look for new talented people, for different vacancies.

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TOO PAWNED3627d ago

As you know, Killzone 2 by Guerrilla Games, steaming ready for release. Na deze release gaat Guerrilla Games niet stil blijven zitten. After this release Guerrilla Games will not sit on its hands. Ze zoeken namelijk getalenteerde mensen die hun team willen versterken. They look to talented people who want to strengthen their team. Op de volgende vacatures kan dus op gesolliciteerd worden: On the following vacancies can therefore be applied:

• NEW» Specialist Artists: • NEW "Specialist Artists:
o (Senior) Environment Artist o (Senior) Environment Artist
o Senior Special FX Artist o Senior Special FX Artist
o (Senior) Asset Creation and Polish Artist o (Senior) Asset Creation and Polish Artist

• NEW» Game Artist • NEW »Game Artist
• NEW» Tools Programmers: • NEW 'Tools Programmers:
o Application Programmer o Application Programmer
o Content Pipeline o Content Pipeline

• Environment Concept Designer • Environment Concept Designer
• Level Designer/Scripter • Level Designer / scripters
• Senior Designer • Senior Designer
• Gameplay Programmer • Gameplay Programmer
• AI Programmer • AI Programmer
• Build Master • Build Master
• Build Engineer • Build Engineer
• Senior Character Animator • Senior Character Animator
• Senior TD/Senior Technical Artist • Senior TD / Senior Technical Artist

Ben je dus nieuwsgierig naar deze jobs? Are you so curious about this job? Neem dan even contact op met Guerrilla Games ([email protected] ) of neem hier even een kijkje voor meer informatie. Please contact the Guerrilla Games ([email protected] ) or take a look for more information.

TOO PAWNED3627d ago

It is obvious that GG will become one of most important if not THE most important Sony western studio.
It is obvious that they will work on multiple projects in future, somethng like Insomniac, where we could potentially see new game every year.
They have amazing engine, and it is logical that Sony wants to make profit out of it, after investing so much money in GG.
GG from now on will only go up and up. After KZ2 gets out their rep will go sky high.

joydestroy3627d ago

i hope they're still looking for people in a few years when i get out of college. i'm specifically looking to work for a developer that's exclusive to the PS brand.

Handsome_Devil3627d ago

in time like this I'm sure there are people who are looking for jobs.

and this is a good chance for them, it should be approved instantly

FantasyStar3627d ago

Finally, an approved article BY the N4G users themselves and not some higher ups with fat-ass CRanks that approve just about anything.

Hal Emmerich3627d ago

Lets say after the DLC they decide to work on something other then KZ3, what would it be...?

Aclay3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

After the Killzone 2 DLC, other than start work on Killzone 3, I think it's possible that they might start a new PSP Killzone game..... but it would be pretty awesome to see them develop a new IP, something entirely different than a FPS shooter like Killzone 2 on the PS3 because if they can pull off something as amazing as Killzone 2, I really want to see them dabble into another genre other than FPS.

Peow3627d ago

Get some inspiration from Bethesda and have a Fallout or Oblivion like RPG on killzone's engine ^-^

Iono if any compute rig could even handle that....

RememberThe3573627d ago

It wouldn't seem like a stretch for them to produce an RPG. However, I see them sticking to the FPS genre and expanding the Killzone universe.

Kouzmich3627d ago

They will use hell out of that KZ2 engine in other projects. I mean the beta was like 500MB in size and had 3 levels plus all classes and weapons. Imagine a 2GB downloadable game from them :)

kittoo3627d ago

I mean they have already perfected the tech....they'll just keep improving it and will make awesome games now in shorter time. I'm glad they took their time with the tech....

demolitionX3627d ago

Guerrilla ! I am available, hire me please!

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