CES: Resident Evil 5 PS3 on par with Xbox 360

Capcom Co. this week demonstrated the latest build of Resident Evil 5 for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3, which held a graphics engine on par with the version for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

In the latest build, Chris Redfield and secondary character Sheva flank enemies in a river boat ride.

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Fishy Fingers3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

LOL... Thanks for that. With it still being 2007 theres still a distinct difference between multiplats...

But in all seriousness, good thing really. RE5 is a big game many people will want so it's good that they've got it fair across the board. So we can all enjoy it now right? Woohooooooo!

PS360WII3631d ago

are you trying to be diplomatic?! lol yes it's good that PS3 and 360 owners can enjoy a most likely great game :)

Fishy Fingers3631d ago

Ha, I'm pretty much always diplomatic. It's my downfall :)

Danja3631d ago

The days of 360 having better version of multi-plat games are long gone...devs have no excuse these days to make a muli-plat game with a console having an inferior version....

looking forward to RE:5....XD

eagle213630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

The RE5 executive producer showed off the PS3 version playable and talked about RE evolution from psOne to PS3. :)

They always are showing the lead PS3 version everywhere they go.

Hal Emmerich3630d ago

Its not like we should be impressed with them for that, all multi-plat games should be developed to look equal

BulletToothtony3630d ago

"Ps3 ON PAR with the 360" lol, as if the ps3 didn't have the power to produce the same graphics the 360 can.

RemmM3630d ago

That tittle is stupid. It should be the other way around since the PS3 has more power. 360 ON par with PS3 (duh because multiplat games are supposed to be indentical, so there isn't split decisions by fanboys)

GarandShooter3630d ago

The PS3 version is only ON PAR with the 360 version? Only on par???BuBuBuButtehcell....
Allow me to be the first to call..........FLOP!!!

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TIKUP3631d ago

shoudnt it be the 360 version trying to keep up with the ps3 version??
Also can people pleaseee bubble me up, fanboys ate myn up :P

Kyur4ThePain3630d ago

"Also can people pleaseee bubble me up, fanboys ate myn up"

You're kidding, right? Reads your first sentence out loud.

Polluted3630d ago

People around here don't like to hear that, but it's true. What happened to the days when the PS3 was supposed to blow the 360 away? We're to settle for being "on par" now?

Anyway, these things always "look" on par, but then someone puts them under a microscope and one is invariably better than the other. Not in any way that's even remotely visible to the human eye, but people still like to make a big deal about it.

DA_SHREDDER3630d ago

You people shouldn't get worked up about this. 2009 will be the year that the ps3 sets itself apart from its 360 counterparts. Just look at killzone 2. Makes me wonder why all devs put out the crap they have before? Ive yet to see a 360 exclusive actually be better then multiplat games. The best games on the 360 are multiplat, but they do play better on the 360. Thats why I bought my 360. I can't imagine playing cod with out xbox live.

Ju3630d ago

Unless they use a PS3 specific render pipeline (deferred rendering, e.g.), multiplatforms will never "blow away" 360 version. If they manage to really use a specific PS3 renderer and still make the game multiplatform, this might change. But it still leaves the political problem. I would guess MS could cut support pretty badly, if they'd favor one platform (and Sony would, too, if they go the other route).

I could imagine, though, because in 2009 PS3 exclusives will use this tech a bit more (see, e.g. GoW3, UC2, and others), and the knowledge becomes widely available to 3rd parties, in the long run, PS3 version could become much better over time.

ThanatosDMC3630d ago

I'll bubble you up. I'd rather have more people comment so every time i go to n4g, it'll be interesting.

prowiew3630d ago

Judging by your latest comments, looks like u r a little fanboy yourself. So I dont know if I give u a bubble. Mmm, well, What the hell. Ill give u one.

DaTruth3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Last gen, there were plenty of multiplat games that excelled on the Xbox(and weren't trying to make them the same); Sony didn't care and neither did Ps2 owners. If games looked better on PS3 than 360 Allen Greetard would personally kill the devs with an army of 360 fanboys. And since we haven't seen it yet, we know no dev is willing to chance it.

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TheHater3631d ago

RE5 come to killzone 2? :)
I am sorry guys. After seeing those video last night. My eyes are bleeding for the graphics in Killzone 2. Notice I didn't say gameplay. I said graphic. I have yet to play Killzone 2, so I am not goiing to comment on the gameplay.

Lord Vader3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

"I have yet to play Killzone 2, so I am not goiing to comment on the gameplay."

Smartest "Killzone comment" I've read on this website. I sure hope it's everything Sony fans says it's gonna be... nice graphics for sure, but after *playing* the RE5 demo, I can definately say it has excellent graphics too.

Btw, I am not your phantom disagree. I'll give you an agree for not being a fanboy on N4G = RARE

Kyur4ThePain3631d ago

I didn't get into the KZ2 beta, but from all reports the gameplay is on the same level as the graphics.

Lord Vader3630d ago

Sure hope so... I didnt get in the Beta either...

KZ2 + MGS4 + GOW = Why I bought a PS3

Danja3630d ago

I played the Beta and I can say that the gameplay is on par with the beauty of the graphics , most fun I had online last year with a game other than Socom and R2..

The control scheme took a lil while to get use to..but you can customize it to your liking im positive that the final product will probably be even more intense than the Beta was

kevoncox3630d ago

Socom and R2? You tatse for multiplayer games alarm me!
I fear that there just isn't alot of good multiplayer games on the ps3 at thig point. Can someone help me find some?

I tried warhwark and it was a terrible experience.
I tried resistance and I hate FPS that feel so twitchy, it's hard to explain but I hate FPS whee the characters move at an unrealistic speeds( like Far Cry 2). I guess it's back to COD!!

joydestroy3630d ago

uh, socom is THE sh!t. i was skeptical at first due to the review scores, but i can attest that it is amazing.

can't wait to play RE5!

Danja3630d ago

He is one of those so called gamers who let reviewers make up his mind about which game he should buy.

Socom is a very intense game and I have to atleast put in 2 rounds nightly ....R2 is amazing Competitive mode is a blast...

Warhawk is still king of online gaming this gen

Wipe Out HD

says Hi also

Ju3630d ago

Nobody plays Bad Company here ?

Ichiryoka3630d ago

Do you have any idea of what you just said? You stated that its hard to find a good multi-player game on 360 and made a list of all that you have tried. Then you go and say back to call of duty, umm Call of Duty is on PS3 as well. You are sad. Think before you type, it's quite simple.

cereal_killa3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

"I fear that there just isn't alot of good multiplayer games on the ps3 at thig point. Can someone help me find some? "

See here the problem with you. #1 your a pathetic fanboy who thinks the PS3 has no games like all 360 fanboys you live in the past and in denial because you know dam well the PS3 is bringing out games you only wish would go multi-plat so you can keep up with this PS3 has no games BS!!!

#2 You'll defend your faulty system till you die believing that because M$ will replace your RROD system it's ok to allow a company to get away with murder as long as you don't have to pay for it in the end.

#3 Multiplat games are now both on par with looks and game play, only a fanboy with there special fanboy super goggles can point out a missed pixel or shoddy frame rate on any game as of late don't kid yourself with the BS that spreads from your mouth you sound like PP.

"I tried resistance and I hate FPS that feel so twitchy, it's hard to explain but I hate FPS whee the characters move at an unrealistic speeds( like Far Cry 2). I guess it's back to COD!!"

Lets break this sentence down to see how much of a Rtard you really are let start with your first part of your quote

"I tried resistance and I hate FPS that feel so twitchy"

and now lets get the last part to see why your a moron

"I guess it's back to COD!!"

I just bought a PS3 because I missed allot of great games from the PS3 I enjoyed the games I had on the 360 but right now I'm bored with it and it will collect dust for a while until Ninja Blade comes out being the only game I'm interested unless they show something else soon most of the games this yoear im looking forward to are on the PS3 being that M$ only interest is money and trying to secure DLC and exclusive demos instead of investing in new IP's or even new developing up in coming companys to bring the next WOW game to talk about. I'm a fan of Sony but not a fanboy I believe that M$ has great games but will admit that both company's made big mistakes with the next gen systems.

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Mr PS33631d ago

On the Xbox that is on par with
Drake's Fortune
Killzone 2
So what the Hell is there to Boast About

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago ) the PS3 version is better i.e like ALL the Multi-Platform games out last year were BETTER on the PS3, but the Lying internet sites always say the xBox 360 version is better. How long can Micro$ofts payed for internet sites CON people for??? Hmm...

Sonyfanclubpresident3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Do you realize how retarded some of you PS3 imbeciles are?
Let me explain.

Think last gen,
the xbox was slightly more superior than the PS2........who won?
The PS2.

This gen,
the PS3 might be slightly more superior than the 360.
Who's winning and ahead in sales?
The 360.

Do you morons see a trend,I certainly do.

Point is,slightly better visuals didn't matter to you scumbags last gen,but now they do?
How many multi plats on the first xbox suffered because of the weak POS2,huh?
Oh,but that was OK because it was Sony.

N4G has made me really come to despise Sony and their [email protected] hypocritical fantard Playstation Nation.

Thankyou for giving your president a good laugh.

Oner3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Yep the 360 is "ahead"...for now. But what about the trend of the PS3 selling 20 Million faster (in 2 years) while it took the 360 almost 3 years to get to the same 20 million mark...

What about that "little bit" of omitted information?

Oh BTW the Wii says HI!

Sonyfanclubpresident3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

what you're missing sonny is this.
This is Playstation we're talking about,
Fanboys like you claimed it would leave the 360 in the dust within 2 years after its launch.
What happened?
Looks like your hype and spin FAILED just like Sonys with the PS3.

That's a little something I think you omitted from your bogus little attempt at a spin.
2 years now and you're still suckin on bot do we taste?

And then you mention the Wii.
We're talking HD consoles here,not gimmicky consoles for grandmothers.

get a grip Sony devotee.

Oner3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Oh look an immature insult ~ that's #1...reported. But on to your misinformation & spin, shall we?

"Fanboys like you claimed it would leave the 360 in the dust within 2 years after its launch. What happened? Looks like your hype and spin FAILED just like Sonys with the PS3."

Um, I don't remember EVER saying ANYTHING like that. So there you go people ~ ACTUAL proof you are trying to put statements into my mouth of which I NEVER said. ~ that's #2...OH and the "fanboy" comment is another violation of the rules so that's #3 but to what I don't see is an answer to the question I proposed to begin with about the trend of the sales ACTUALLY being better in a shorter amount of time?..I know why. You won't admit being proved wrong or acknowledging the little bit of factual information. On to the next portion we go!

"2 years now and you're still suckin on bot do we taste?"

Aww look more immature drivel ~ that's #4. what's the matter? Did you learn some new "big boy" type "disses" on LIVE! and now you think you are a man?...Try holding an adult conversation next time as when you act like that it doesn't bode well for your "point".

"And then you mention the Wii. We're talking HD consoles here,not gimmicky consoles for grandmothers."

So says you not being able to acknowledge the REAL TRUTH of the state of console sales guess is your immature bias is not allowing you to hold a rational proper conversation along without any comprehension of being open minded to reasonable facts.

All I see is desperation, insults and consistent usual. But go ahead and beleive what you want to. Some of us can see the bigger picture much more clearly with an open view.

Sonyfanclubpresident3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

you know damn well what I mean.
I'm not even talking about the fact that PS3 sold more in a two year period than the 360.
Who really cares.
The PS3 should have been stomping the 360 in sales by now,
that's what really bugs you PS3 people lol.
It cracks me up when little Sony spinners like you come along and say........

"the 360 is "ahead"...for now. But what about the trend of the PS3 selling 20 Million faster (in 2 years) while it took the 360 almost 3 years to get to the same 20 million mark..."

LOL whoop de doo,
you're still losing fella.

It's Sony guys,just like yourself who tarnish these websites with your
crap, and anti 360 agenda.
I've read your posts bud,I know what you're about.
Don't BS me sonny,I can totally tell you felt backed into a corner with that weak POS reply you gave.

My point is plain and simple,
the PS3 should have been doing 100% better than it is,
coming down off of that 120 million + PS2 sales......FACT.
You know it,I know it.

Typical N4G Sony idiot.

Deadman643630d ago


LOL "reported"...typical internet nerd crying to his mommy on the internet

Oner3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Another personal insult huh SFCP? Anyway, on with the show...With a name like yours (SFCP), you are questioning what my past posts are about?...Wow. Okay there buddy. Remember, I'm not the one with some sort of fake identity running around on N4G. ;)

But I still find it amazing how you actually think that within 2 years the PS3 is somehow supposed to be as successful as the PS2? And no, I am not implying you meant that Sony sell 130 million in that short time but seeing as how I even have to explain that it goes to show what I expect from your comprehension. But it's not even worth saying anything else since you obviously can't rationalize and have an open minded discussion.

Also contrary to what you might believe as you are sorely mistaken, I don't "hate" MS. Only their piss poor hardware that is within the 360. I might have a dislike for a game like Forza (as a perfect example) but that is not to say that I think it "sucks"...or that any number of other 360 games/features are "bad" or don't deserve their accolades (like Gears etc. & LIVE! though paying for it is BS). So I don't know where you get your info from but you are wrong. but lets see what you have to say about that.

Deadman64 - first of all that is what the RULES STATE and WHAT THEY ARE TO BE USED FOR...but you have to resort to attacking my character about something you have ABSOLUTELY no clue or idea about. Whereas on the other hand your baseless assumptions clearly shows what YOUR character is about....Insult someone you don't know anything about, without ANY knowledge about them. Really mature. /sarcasm

But since you "think" you know everything about me would you continue to say the same kind of comment that I'm an "internet nerd crying" after being shown some of the info below? Or will you continue in a weak attempt to try and "diss" me or attack my character in some poor way? Lets see if you are man enough to admit you where wrong or if you ***** out like an immature child and continue down the same path as evident from before? I know where my money is at ;) lets see if you prove me wrong...

2 videos ~ all me ~ racing in the BX in my GVR4

A mix of pics ~ in my crib ~ out and about ~ to show I own more than 1 console

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paracardium3631d ago

The ps3 version so it would be on par with the 360 version. That's what kills mutiplat games cause it has to be the same on a inferior system.

Ryuk3631d ago

Ha! Whatever helps u sleep at night. I'll be buying the 360 version

Queers of War3630d ago

more like how GTA4 had to be downgraded becuase of the 360s inferior hardware and DVD. GTA got f*cked up because of 360

Agent Orange3630d ago

your gonna get it on the 360 because you dont have a ps3 right? dipshet lol

Ryuk3630d ago

Yeah... let me get it on the inferior system. Good choice, real smart for me to do! How about I just get the better version for the xbox 360

Queers of War3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

*reads articles title, then reads your post*

ok, w/e floats your boat

Deadman643630d ago

I'll be grabbing the 360 prob will run better like the multiplat games in the past. Not to mention xbox live [which my friends have], plus what about DLC?? Plus the 360 will prob work outta the box....

SSCOOLCHEA3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I don't buy multiplats.....only sony exclusive.. All of my games are sony exclusive. Don't need a dumb down version.

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