CES: Killzone 2 PS3 packs punch in latest build

Sony Corp.'s U.S. game division this week blasted an impressive CES showcase of Killzone 2, the anticipated first-person shooter for the Playstation 3 due out in Feb.

In the CES level demonstration, the lead character is required to shoot hostiles in a building across the street. A nearby turret helps to unload on the enemies.

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El_Colombiano3334d ago

Dang you beat me to this link.

ThanatosDMC3334d ago

Wait, someone refresh me with the story. Why are the ISA at war with Helghast??? Probably doesnt matter but nyeh...

JBaby3433334d ago

It amazes me that people still doubt this game and try to downplay it.

49 more days and I will be in gaming exstasy!!

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ultimolu3334d ago

The kills. :[

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )


(I'm not going to get Banned for saying that i hope) ;)

Handsome_Devil3334d ago

"Like in the multiplayer beta form, control is very responsive and the control scheme is easy to learn."

Sheddi3334d ago

ive decided not to watch anymore killzone 2 vids. Dont wanna be spoiled or anything like that. Wanna see everything for the first time by my self.

LoveWaffles3334d ago

this is the reason i got a ps3 i don't want ne spoilers but I won't be coming here when killzone hits cause I'm sure we will have the whole GeOW2 and R2 fiasco of telling people spoilers in their names and in comments

Arsenal4Ever3334d ago

I stopped watching KZ2 vids after I played the Beta and Single Player Preview codes at Leicester Square. No need for me to see anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.