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GOG Offers Sacrifice, Giants: Citizens Kabuto Bundle

Retro gamers interested in owning a digital copy of Giants: Citizens Kabuto or Sacrifice might want to swing by digital games store GOG.com this weekend. The two games are being offered as part of a special bundle available only this weekend. (Giants: Citizens Kabuto, PC, Sacrifice)

Cajun Chicken  +   2306d ago
You hear that?
Thats the faint pulse of Interplay awakening to stand up to the world again.
kwicksandz  +   2306d ago
Amazing game
Giants is an absolute gem, id say GOTY for about 3 years even after release. The gfx where amazing for the time, varied gameplay of the different races, sidesplitting british humour and of course the sea reapers!

Giants is an example of why PC gaming will always have its own niche. <3 it
MelaDarkwood  +   2306d ago
Yeah, I loved Giants. I actually miss playing it, I should reinstall it sometime, whenever I can find my cd. Sacrifice was a pretty good game too, a little weird, but it's uniqueness made it good. Never got very far, though. =\
EvilCackle  +   2306d ago
I remember Giants being buggy but it was definitely entertaining and a lot different from most games out there.
Cajun Chicken  +   2306d ago
If no one knows...

Get Giants Hook and GRM...works wonders.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----

Planet Moon really need to come back to their old territory, soon.
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EvilCackle  +   2306d ago
Yeah, they did Armed and Dangerous too. I'd rather they make quirky shooters rather than stuff like Battle of the Bands but I imagine that might have been an economic decision.

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