Fragland: Rock Band 2 Review

The conclusion is actually quite simple: Rock Band 2 is an evolution of its predecessor with some good improvements but still that same fantastic gameplay that will bring you hours of fun both alone as with friends. The soundtrack is excellent but could be a bit more popular for a party game. If you don't have such a game to fill your living room with yet, or want more than Guitar Hero: World Tour then this is an absolute must and probably even a better game than the competition! Be sure to check the tracklists first though when you make your personal choice.

* Gameplay still fantastic
* Fun alone, with friends and now also online
* World Tour mode improved
* Soundtrack sounds fantastic
* For 5 euroes you can import Rock Band 1 songs

* Some more popular songs would be welcome
* No 2 cymbals
* Pay 5 euros for songs you already have

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