Game Focus: Castlevania Judgment Review

Judgment is by no means terrible, just mediocre. It's as if someone was reading "Making Fighting Games for Dummies", and literally followed the instructions step by step, without thinking about ways to make it something more. Considering the history of the series, there's so much that could have been done, and just wasn't. If you're looking for a new fighter on the Wii, and one with a great online component at that, then give it a shot, but Castlevaniacs beware, the only thing true to the series here is the names of the characters.

+ Offers one of the best online experiences on the Wii.
+ Super Finishers look incredible.
+ Character models and environments look good, if not original.

- Controls are off regardless of which control scheme you use.
- Everything about the game is bland and ripped from other games that do it better.
- Use of the Castlevania name feels more like a cash-in.

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