SCEE: Welcome to the Game Awards 2008

Community Team Leader MusterBuster writes on the official SCEE forums:

"Welcome - to the Game Awards 2008!

Now is your chance to stand up for the games of 2008 which tickled your fancy, raised your blood-pressure or even dropped your jaw with awe-inspiring graphics. The Game Awards are all about patriotically rising out of your seat, snapping a salute and boldly stating "YES! You rocked my socks off - well done."

The categories for this year are:

* PS3 Game of the Year
* PSP Game of the Year
* Most Innovative Game
* Best Art & Design
* (Game with the) Best Trophies
* Best Multiplayer Game
* Favourite Game Character
* Best PlayStation®Store Game
* Best PlayStation®Store Game Add-on
* Best PlayStation®Store Media (video, wallpaper, etc)
* Most Anticipated PS3 game of 2009
* Most Anticipated PSP game of 2009

So! Get voting - your game needs you. All you need to do is click the categories above to be taken to the nominations thread - once in, post the name of your game to nominate it for an award.

Nominations are open now, and will close on Tuesday 20th January.

Go! Go! Go!"

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Pennywise3630d ago

LOL @ all the people voting for '07 games in the forums.