Apple finally gets its game on

Globe and Mail game columnist Chad Sapieha takes the plunge into iPod Touch gaming and has a great time with it. From the story:

" many accounts, the iPod Touch (along with its sibling, the iPhone) is about to become one of the biggest competitors in portable gaming. Hundreds of titles have already been released through the App Store, and unlike the low-fidelity fare normally found on music players and cell phones, many of these games feature high production values and surprisingly innovative play.

What's more, they're dirt cheap. Most are priced between $1 and $5, and plenty are available for free. I haven't seen anything more expensive than $10. Compare those prices with the $20 to $50 games available for the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable and it seems to me that Sony and Nintendo have reason to be alarmed.

I've tried about a dozen iPod titles so far, and I'm generally impressed not just by the quality of the games, but also the capabilities of the iPod Touch as a gaming platform..."

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Darkseider3628d ago

OK. It's a nifty gadget and the big brother iPhone can make phone calls and browse the web via 3G networks. It is in no way a handheld gaming device. The Nintendo DS and PSP have that locked down in spades. People so have to lay off the Apple kool-aid.