Sega Announces Phantasy Star Ø For Europe And US

Sega has announced that Phantasy Star Ø (pronounced "zero"), the brand new Phantasy Star RPG adventure, will be coming to Europe and North America on Nintendo DS in Winter 09.

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3630d ago
Gambus Kahn3630d ago

I hope that this game is even hafe as good as the Dreamcast game. Best MMO concept for a home console

kewlkat0073630d ago

I hear that I loved the Dreamcast version and the SOUNDTRACK was excellent.

Best Tracks by Hideaki Kobayashi

-Phantasy Star Online Opening Theme ~The Whole New World~ (Lyric Version).

-A Song for Eternal Story

-Pioneer 2

Mother Earth of Dishonesty Part 1

PS360WII3630d ago

Yes it does look pretty cool and it's about time a game actually uses the pico chat feature of the DS. I like how they told us how to pronounce 0 er I mean zero

ThatArtGuy3630d ago

I should go play them right now.

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