Sony patenting even more controller designs...

That "magic wand" from last year isn't the last of Sony's patent efforts for computer/game controllers. Here's one Sony-assigned patent the monkeys of PatentMonkey-com found, for a "Hand-held computer interactive device" (Patent No. US 7,161,579 B2), filed on November 7, 2002, recently active on January 9, this year.

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miasma4317d ago

Just concentrate on getting the rumble back into the controller, thats all you need to do with the controller, we don't need new controllers yet.

specialguest4317d ago

I hope they're coming up with their own variation of the rumble feature, cus they had their second chance with that fish brand rumble controller and rejected them. I played the Motorstorm demo about a month ago and it felt like there was something missing.

xfrgtr4317d ago

Rumble was the gaming worlds substitute for bass and a good subwoofer which the movie world has been enjoying for quite some time now. Get a subwoofer! then you'll experience even MORE than just rumble you can acually feel the bass which is what rumble was designed to do. See the problem is that all of those without subwoofers feel this hit but all of those which do have subwoofers dont mind this because pretty much every game supports DD 5.1 now. All i can say is that you should have a subwoofer regardless of whether you're forced into having one by sony or not. They add such dept to music and movies you'll wonder how you ever got by without one!

miasma4317d ago

I have a subwoofer with my 5.1 system, i agree with you that it is needed to have the full theatre experience in sound. But as for rumble, it isn't the same because the rumble responds to so many game environment effects that help directly link the gamer to whats happening. i have had times when there is a quiet moment in the game but the rumble was responding to an enemy sneaking up on me with practically no sound. In Need for speed, i love the rumbling effect when you are peeling wheels, the subwoofer doesn't respond the same.

As a matter of fact, when i played the PS3 i felt very disconnected from the game (resistence, motorstorm demo, etc.), it felt very empty. The surround sound was awsome though...

techie4317d ago

What!? Subwoofers compared to rumble? Rumble isn't just used when something loud happens! It's for feeling the bumps on the road...for when someone shoots you, for feeling your grip. For when you fall off a ledge... If rumble was the same as a subwoofer then the controller would rumble when a chracter spoke.

specialguest4317d ago

That's impressive. I'll give you a "Let User Speak" to keep the momentum going.

techie4317d ago

haha cheers mate! I must be doing something right. I do still get heated like others in my comments- but I think its being rational, and not being a fanboy - and dishing it to all fanboys when needed.

(Big head...)

bilal4317d ago

Patents are nothing new....i read a published paper on an XWand research project funded by Microsoft back in 2003. Very few of the patents and research projects do actually lead to a product....