Most Anticipated Games of 2009: 10-1 writes: "And in the blink of an eye 2009 is upon us, and games like Gears of War 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City seem like a distant memory. Now, as is the way with the world, we turn to the future without having given the past the time it deserves. Fable 2 creator Peter Molyneux says nothing in 2009 excites him. Well that's not how we feel. And in an attempt to get all that excitement off of our chest, allow us to present the culmination of our week-long Most Anticipated Games of 2009 feature, where we've compiled the 40 games that make us wet with excitement just at the thought of playing them. Here, in the final instalment, we run down from 10 to 1. Read on, and let the hype begin."

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No3631d ago

I'm a proud owner of a ps3 but boy xbox360 have great game's coming out in 09. Makes me wonder if i should get rid of my ps3 and get the Xbox360.

DELTABOY043631d ago

LMFAO the top 2 games were ps3 exclusive and you respond with that? lol xbots are in serious denial. you know you don't have a ps3 with a statement like that lol

Pennywise3631d ago

Worst troll of the year award has been decided in January. Congrats! lol

Cajun Chicken3631d ago

Why not have both? Basic models of 360s are cheap as now.

Jeez, I hate people who trade things all the time.

Aquanox3631d ago

Heavy Rain #1?

Come on... people don't even know exactly what the game is about nor it's a sequel so we can somehow know what to expect.

It's curious how that title came out of nowhere "dethroning" God of War 3 and not even mentioning a stellar title like Mass Effect 2.

DNAgent3630d ago

I don't know what's sadder. You buying a 360 or you thinking that the 360 actually has games this year.

Frizzo3630d ago

the kid says he dosent have an xbox360 but he has a picture of banjo&kazooie as his default... that right there just makes it even harder to believe

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PS360WII3631d ago

RE5 and Heavy Rain are the only top 10s I really do want :( I think so differently...

hay3631d ago

Not that much different from me. I could add HL2e3 and God of War 3 to your list to satisfy me.

FarEastOrient3631d ago

I like the top ten on this list, but why is the football game so high on the list? I would've replaced it with Starcraft II and this list would match mine almost perfectly. I guess I'll be playing Final Fantasy XIII before Christmas also!

Aquanox3631d ago

Heavy Rain #1 above Biochock 2, God of War 2 and Halo. (And Mass Effect 2 didn't even made the list!)

Sounds like a Joke to me.

Freak of Nature3631d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

For me Resident Evil 5 and GOW3 are the top games on that list without question...

As for Heavy Rain?....I need more info,as it seems they do too,but somehow they put it on top of the list,go figure.I also worry that the game will be all or almost all be a QTE interactive movie, other than an actual video game...

HL2E3,is on the list,without any real confirmation of it's release date.

In that case I cannot understand no "Team Ico" on that top 10 list. Its just like HL2E3 has no confirmed release date.So why not?

How about Beyond good and Evil 2? And common,no Killzone 2,or Uncharted 2 on that top 10 list? Please...

Team Ico's game...
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
Beyond good and evil 2
Resident evil 5
Ratchet and Clanks next game...
Bioshock 2

I like my list better...

PS360WII3631d ago

The list is bigger than these 10. I'm pretty sure Killzone 2 was in the last list so it is in the top 20.

Heavy Rain if you want to know what it will be like just play the awesome Indigo Prophecy :) Some may not like it as it is nothing but QTE but I'm hoping Heavy Rain will have a sweet tale to weave.

Beast_Master3630d ago

I listened to the IGN podcast and they predicted that Uncharted 2 would be GOY, which isn't on this list.

Interesting that this site is hard up for Heavy Rain, GT is all about RE5, IGN Uncharted 2 and Gamespot GOW3. A big year for sony developers to be sure. I have my bets on Uncharted 2 as well.

PES should not have made the top 10 list, they must have felt they had to have a Konomi game.

MiloGarret3630d ago

Heavy rain #1? ROFL. God of war #1, NO discussion. Heavy Rain really shouldn't be on any top ten list except those listing best graphics. Mass Effect 2 should be on that list, oh and a little game called killzone 2, you may have heard of it. Personally I'm hoping Mass Effect 2 comes out, that's my most wanted, and street fighter 4.

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P4KY B3631d ago

I would have put Battlestations Pacific into that list.

Pennywise3631d ago

KZ2 not in the top 5 blows my mind. How COD:MW2 beat it is dumb. How is a soccer game in the top 3?????

I know its all opinion, but I respectfully disagree with their taste!

LeonSKennedy4Life3631d ago

They're probably European.

It's like America...except America buys Madden every year...despite how terrible it is.

Pennywise3631d ago

True, Just PES has not been the best experience for people to make top3.

I am still boggled by the Madden sales every year, but I am not a big football video game fan. Most Madden releases could be a patch instead of a $60.00 purchase.

Tiberium3630d ago

it's because the industry has already seen it's predecessor (COD4) and KZ2 has yet to prove itself. This ANTICIPATED doesn't mean they all of these games will deliver. Besides there is more that will come out in 09. Gears 2 was announced until feb of 08, so anything can happen.

Hercules3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

i know i will get a lot of disagrees, but no Madden? being the number six franchise of all time,i think august is one of the biggest months for sport gaming..its not like EA is just slapping updated rosters, they actually fix sh!t in the game...and how is killzone2 and uncharted 2 not in the top ten...HOW IS HEAVY RAIN THE NUMBER ONE ANTICIPATED GAME?!?!?!!? let the disagrees pile up

edit @ below: but madden is being updated since madden 08, then the process to madden 09. but its not even in the top 50...but its cool, i will still buy it, it can recieve a 3.7 for all i care, its still the most realest game ever..some may say soccer, but i dont do soccer.. (sorry UK people)

Pennywise3631d ago

I agree with KZ2 and UC2. Heavy Rain #1 is crazy... but the madden rehashes every year could easily be a patch or DLC. EA milks it and people buy it up!

dachiefsman3631d ago

Madden seriously. Its the same game every year with a few tweaks and a roster change. I am a huge NFL fan but despise that game.

Last years game should come out with patches and not force people to pay 60 bucks for a game that is basically the same.

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