Irrational doing X-Com game?

Irrational Games is known to be hard at work on BioShock at the moment, but our old pal Internet Reports has been digging about a bit and seems to have come up with some clues as to what else may be happening in the developer's US and Australian studios.

Shacknews documents the trail, which leads through to the website of law firm Fierst, Pucci & Kane, LLP. They handle accounts for a number of game companies and related individuals, including Irrational's Ken Levine and Jonathan Chey. What's interesting is that Irrational is linked, in cached versions of a Fierst, Pucci & Kane document, to "X-Com".

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Captain Tuttle4290d ago

This and Fallout 3 will be a dream come true.

Syko4290d ago

Would be shocked if this happens, and extremley happy if they stuck close to UFO defense gameplay. Not the other crappy X-coms lately