Why you should be playing Tabula Rasa: It's free

Massivley: If you're still postponing the dive into NCsoft's Tabula Rasa, because of that whole shut-down thing, I wanted to just let you know that you may be missing out on a historical opportunity here. How often is it that you get to play a game through its last remaining weeks, and actually witness the end first-hand?

Right now the game itself is even free to download. I'll explain more on this later, but if you're feeling extra generous, or you're big into souvenirs from dead MMOs, you can pick it up on Amazon or most brick-and-mortar shops for $5 US. If you want to spend the extra cash for a Collector's Edition, to get some dogtags, an AFS Challenge coin, a "Making of Tabula Rasa" DVD and more, you can do that for $15-$30 usually. Or perhaps, you'll be lucky enough to find a dumpster full of boxes behind an EB Games somewhere.

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Baka-akaB3627d ago

WHy not play instead any other free or f2p crap ?

tda-danny3627d ago

Yea, I'd like to spend cash on a game that I will only be able to play for a few more weeks.

Considering no one got it at launch, why would we buy it now with so little time remaning?

silvacrest3627d ago

i went to youtube, searched for this game, looked decent but then i realize its only around till late febuary? whats the point