Tom Clancy's HAWX - Kikizo hands-on preview (PS3/360)

Kikizo writes: "Flight combat sims aren't a natural fit for cooperative play - when your teammates are little more than speeding blips on a radar screen, it's hard to get that Friday night feeling - and if Ubisoft Romania can't endow its missions with enough structure to keep everybody gunning in tandem, co-op could weigh down what promises to be a high point (boom boom) for the genre. Anoraks won't be going home disappointed, regardless - the final game will ship with 60 real-life planes, each lovingly put together in collaboration with manufacturers like Boeing, Lockheed and Saab - and for those less preoccupied with brands and more with aerial shootouts there's that optional assist system, which should foster a lot of tactical flexibility. Not to mention butterfly stomachs."

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