FIFA 09 Breaks Through 2 Million UK Sales News

On top of beating out Call of Duty: World at War for the Christmas No.1 spot and returning to the top of the UK charts for the first week of 2009, EA's FIFA 09 has sold over 2 million units so far in the UK alone, making it the fastest selling FIFA game in the series' history.

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FreestyleBarnacle3331d ago

I think I speak for everyone when I say. Christ on a bike, how many?

anh_duong3331d ago

mad numbers. deservedly so. one the best SPORTS game this generation but eurogamer doesn't include it in it's top 50 games this year. sometimes you wonder how these online games journalist think.

user94220773331d ago

It's the best Football game of all time IMO.

This game has just got me addicted since it got released.

Cwalat3331d ago


the older games will always be my favorite, like 98..
they had the best arcady feel of any games...

but it's true.. that fifa 09 is the best fifa in the past 10 years...
me and my older brother are addicted to the game.. he's lost alot of money :P

San anto3331d ago

Cant argue when its 20 quid.

360 man3331d ago

yep pro evo 09 fails miserably

Arsenal4Ever3331d ago

FIFA is definitely the best Football game ever created. The fix the put up about 6-8 weeks ago just made things merrier. 2 MILLION in UK alone. WOW fifa 09 has at least 6 million worlwide (not sure)