Killzone 2 Gets a February 27th Release Date in the UK

GOONL!NE: "Sony has just been in touch with GOONL!NE to let us know that the February 25th date given yesterday for Killzone 2 for the PLAYSTATION 3 applies to Mainland Europe only. The date given for the game's UK release is now 2 days later, Friday February 27th 2009 which sees it launching the same day it launches in the US."

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Hellsvacancy3631d ago

Who is Goonline are they a trusted source the reason i ask is because ive never heard of them

omega73631d ago

and why not. almost every game is getting murdered by KZ2 hype

frankly speaking the game is a new benchmark in HD gaming

KZ2 will remain unirivalled for years to come. the game is GOTY 09 based on just the BETA alone

AdolfBinBush3631d ago

"what if" just saying what if KZ2 becomes the new Lair.. great graphics crappy story and mechanics.

omega73631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

well Halo wars is the new 2 human. u can see its lame gameplay

as for KZ2 have u ever tried the MP beta?

I am just asking since anyone who tried the MP beta admitted that it has the best MP ever

KZ2 has already got 1 perfect score from OPM US. 50 to follow

2human/lair never got anything above 8 from anyone. halo wars wont even get 6 from OXM


that PSN id is fake. others check it please as well

caffman3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

another stupid comment from the person who is laughed at by all.
Oh and trying to spam my PSN account? Why do you think I don't use that one anymore moron?

liquidsnake3631d ago

Don't watch the video NAsim posted please. Even though it beautiful as hell it spoils alot of cinematic sequences.

ericnellie3631d ago

Why are people comparing a FPS to a RTS game? I'm lost.
What's next - comparing RPGs with Racing simulators. People always find the stupidest things to argue about.

FantasyStar3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

You're quite the modest one!

I don't care if Killzone 2 flops. I'm still buying it. I still have my copy of Lair and treasure it to this day.

ThanatosDMC3630d ago

I hope Halo Wars doesnt become like Supreme Commander on the 360. If it comes out on the PC, i bet it'll be better since it's an RTS.

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thereapersson3631d ago

I thought Killzone 2 was being released on the 25th in Europe?

Johnny Cullen3631d ago

It is.

But the fact is that most European countries get game releases on a Wednesday while the UK get theirs on a Friday.

Or, if you wanna look at it at another way, it's what happened to LittleBigPlanet in Europe before the whole Quran thing

interrergator3631d ago

lets hope that doesnt happen to killzone 2

Baliw3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Looks like UK is not Europe anymore.
UK have his own store with different updates.

Someone need to sort this out! Too many stores for one 'big country' like Europe.

Anyway you all know this:

The game will be released one-two days before release date.

Alcon3631d ago

I'm so happy that I don't live on that island (UK), but on the mainland!! Finally something for us!

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Fishy Fingers3631d ago

Want a friday release maybe? Usually the way here (UK). Either way, 25th, 27th. I'm just happy it's close now, Best part of 4 years I've waited. Whats 2 days?

In the mean time check this out (might be old to you, but currently my fav video):

die_fiend3631d ago

That looks amazing! The animations and physics look much better than I had seen previously. Not just amazing graphics after all. Hope the gameplay is as good as this video looks, hope there's an option to play the whole game in slow-mo lol

omega73631d ago

This game will sell like crazy

expect KZ2 to smash some sales records

die_fiend3631d ago

Hopefully. I doubt it will tho. It's not exactly a well known franchise, the first game wasn't great, and Sony will undoubtedly not market it properly. It won't beat Halo 3 cos that game is absolutely bummed by millions and won't beat GTA4 either so I'm not sure what records it can break really. I'm not sure that it will even outsell MGS4, cos that's a well-established franchise. Sony should just put that video link above as their advert lol, I'm sure it'd impress quite a lot.

omega73631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

It will outsell mgs4 in the first month of its release

GTA4 is bigger than halo 3 and so is COD4

KZ2 will get perfect scores from most websites too. The game is that good

MGS4 sold around 5m by now more than Gears 2.

u dont need an established franchise cuz KZ1 had hype which it couldnt live upto

But KZ2 will live upto the hype and then surpass it

stupid BOT play RROD rather

@caff bastard

isnt the x360 dead all over the world except USA??


it is dead all over except USA since some of u americans prefer to buy crap american products despite being defective

PS3 outsells x360 at 3x the price point all over the world except USA

MGS doesnt appeal to everyone. KZ2 does and u will see what it does to Crap box

remove ur fake PSN id

caffman3631d ago

and you are bragging because its sold 5million (love to see a source on that one) after to being out since june and more than gears 2 which has been out since november? Hows a game thats been out the same time done? like R2?

Johnny Cullen3631d ago

MGS4 deffo has not sold over 5 million.

Konami has said it has sold over 4 million so far and it will probably rise to 5 in due time but right now, as far as we know, it hasnt hit 5 million.

Nicolator3631d ago

I am not sure about it outselling halo3.. but i am sure it will do great figures and one of em.. is gonna be me buying it.. halo3 is a mammoth. if killzone2 gets 8 million then i can tell u now .. ps3 will beat 360 and u heard it here first but i really really dout it will make 8 mill.. but i think it will do at about 5 million

Nicolator3631d ago

*stands up claps and with tears in his eyes* then says..


OOG3631d ago

ahhaahahaha lmao

Sell more then MGS4 in it first month of release???

Lmfao....first of its first month of release is in the shortest month of the year and at the end of the month as yeah doubtful.....

So in its first 30 days of release you think KZ2 will sell what like close to 4.5 million copies?? Are you on drugs? No like really...I mean really hard drugs?? lol

So this would mean that you think KZ2 will sell on average 150,000 copies per day during its first 30 days of release lol....right...cuz we seen that high selling trend on the PS3 when??? .....hmm...NEVER lol

Anyway KZ2 will sell very well....well it better that is...the game will be quality but I do not think it will ever sell like you think it will...I believe it may get that 4-5 million mark eventually...but not until quite a while....and sorry I dont see it on the same scale of halo 3 in sales just for the fact that the 360 is more a a FPS driven console and the PS3 is not.......

Lastly can you tell me what drug you are taking??? because I believe this stuff could probably be worth quite a bit if you sold it...

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omega73631d ago

best loooking and best playing game ever

LoVeRSaMa3631d ago

Ill be ordering from which ever website tells me ill be reciving it on the 25th.

I am guessing will get it to me on the 25th or afew days before release like normal :P

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