CES 2009: Blu-ray's continued struggles and the ramping ascendancy of online

Edn: Last year's most popular Electronic News newsletter-referenced writeup, so I've heard, was my CES 2008 piece that came hot on the heels of Warner's decision to go Blu-ray-exclusive (and predicted a month-later inevitable conclusion that was also popular with online readers). The following prophetic paragraphs sum up my mildly ;-) controversial analysis:

I'm still betting that Blu-ray's seeming eventual victory will end up being a hollow one. Both camps have splurged a tremendous amount of money to date: in technology development and manufacturing ramp, in player hardware and software development, in player production ramp, in movie-studio "financial accommodations," and in retailer and end-user promotional campaigns. How long, and at what equipment and media-run-rate assumption, will it take for Sony and its partners to recoup this substantial upfront loss? Will they ever?

Am I psychic, psychotic, or maybe a bit of both? I'll leave you to decide the answer to that one. Nonetheless, where do we stand one year later?

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thereapersson3627d ago

Another anti-Blu-Ray article. I was actually wondering if something was wrong with N4G, because I haven't seen one of these in hours.

Lucreto3627d ago

You are complaining about it but you are approving it what is us with that.

Graphics Whore3626d ago

You approved it, best not to say anything.

anh_duong3626d ago

sixty percent of the people i work with now own blu-ray players.

it seems the more successful blu-ray players become the more of the stupid articles i read. can't we just stop approving articles like these because they are getting tedious.

eagle213626d ago

Blu-ray will always dominate DD and soon DVD in Japan. These idiots think we care about their lame articles that only seem to hurt DD cause the information for DD is irrelevant to 99.6% of the market.

DD = fail. Renting DD is the only hope for growth. Physical media will always dominate!

Danja3626d ago

Blu Ray market share is now at 16%...DD market share is now at like .04%....yup it's really ascending rapidly..

Milky Joe3626d ago

Blu-Ray is selling better than DVD did; Blu-Ray is doomed...


InMyOpinion3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

So some of you guys only approve stuff when you like the contents of the article? And if you don't like it you report it, even if it's following the guidelines perfectly.

thereapersson shows that he's unbiased in his approvals.

Nineball21123626d ago

Not only that, but they rate the submission as Not Good as well.

I don't agree with the author's conclusion, but again... for the umpteenth time... it's newsworthy.

People are free to flag it as "Lame", since that's their opinion, but to rate the submission as "Not Good" is LAME.

It's within N4G guidelines... *sigh*

SL1M DADDY3626d ago

I love reading more and more of the crap that rolls into N4G about how BD is going to fail.

Heck, we all know that just because BD is tracking sales faster than DVD did when it was released there is no way that BD will be any bit as successfull...


AriesFury3626d ago

No, there was another one earlier, I believe. So, either by the beginning of the day until the end, there will all way be some anti-blu ray article to be posted.

Dread3626d ago

anyone here actually read the article before commenting?

they made some valid points and i do not think it is anti-blue ray. perhaps you should read it...


anh_duong3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

jenzo it has got nothing to do with censorship it's to do with the quality of journalism. this article was written by an amateur and is anything but news since it biased and ignores the relevant facts.

for example, do you get sick of rrod articles? well i believe the rrod is now fixed so i never comment on them. and this is why i bought an xbox. if we approve every shoddy article (this being one of them) then this website will get overrun with pointless news that does nobody any favours. it just antagonizes people and creates hate.

n4g has got to stop some of these inflammatory posts that are only designed to create tension.

prowiew3626d ago

What I like about the article is the last part were it talks about the roku player. Im very tempted to buying this thing. Netflix and Amazon movies. Good stuff.

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Lucreto3627d ago

Its a lame article. Most of the points that are made have been disproven and the rest he uses some minor issues.

DD will be good for some yes but until they can get it look like Blu-ray it will not interest me. DD is far more restictive then people think. To me it is like buying out of date meat just because it is cheaper.

omega73627d ago

DD revenues have actually gone down from 0.5% in June to 0.3% in december
It is something that can replace renting but a few rent movies and movies are not even at 1080p or even 720p

It is something that will never take off as no one rents movies but purchases it

P4KY B3626d ago

Mininova and The Pirate Bay are proof that millions of people love DD.

silvacrest3626d ago

you do realize that those millions love it because its FREE albeit illegal but the chance of prosecution is minimal

dont expect the same thing IF DD ever became embraced by major film studios

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No3627d ago

Why did i buy a blu-ray player WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

omega73627d ago

DD is a dead format just like HD DVD

it makes up 0.3% of total movie sales and will never take off in 100 years

rucky3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Because you were once smart then got hit in the head and became retarded.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3626d ago

Doesn't matter. You made the right choice :). People are just looking for hits and the best way to do that is to bash bluray or bash sony. For goodness sake it just won the freaking format war last year. If ppl expect it to take flight and just start zooming past the standard format in sales this soon then they're dumb. All analysts say that bluray will do fine and it will. Dark Knight on bluray ftw.

d2dahoopa3626d ago

Im Amazed that the Flame bait article hasn't started anything yet.

Unicron3626d ago

Why do none of these "articles" ever seem to bring up the incredible uphill battle and many, MANY obstacles digital distribution needs to overcome to be the "main form of media?"

DD will be a nice ALTERNATIVE for a while, nothing more. And I still don't get why people WANT a format to fail, when Dark Knight is oh so good.

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