Halo Wars - CES 09: Snowy Gameplay (Cam)

See the gameplay footage of Halo wars at ces 2009

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omega73625d ago

cant believe that this game would be released on the same day as Killzone 2 especially in Europe and middle east LOL

seriously this game should have been canned. It looks worse than too human

No3625d ago

Yeah that's strange that this game would be released on the same day as Kill zone 2 also strange thing is it will sell more than Kill Zone 2 now that's Funny.

omega73625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Killzone will sell 5x as this game in USA (minimum)

HW wont even get 5/6 from gaming wesbites

It will do worse than 2 human

even GTA4 and pes x360 bombed in europe. This game will do even worse than 2 human

JaggedSac3625d ago

Ensemble knows RTS games. This will be awesome. First day purchase for me.

omega73625d ago

Haaaaaaa another joke??

u see the gameplay which is worse than any RTS ever made

thenickel3625d ago

What does HW have to do with KZ2? If HW sales does better in sales then I'm going to crack up at you dumb azz lol.

JokesOnYou3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

damm omega7=nasim your latest account is only about an hr old yet its filled with a bunch of anti-360 BS comments already you even posted this SD vid and was the first to comment just to spew your hate. I wonder why you think HW which is an RTS is competing with KZ2?, ahhh nevermind, I doubt you have a logical answer....

Edit: ^^^^ ha, exactly what I was thinking thenickel


Dread3625d ago

wow the haters always troll anything that is halo news. (and ms news for that matter)

i love halo, but i realize that as an rts in a console it will not sell nearly as well. however, the game looks great and i really hope ensemble pulls it off. if anyone can do it, it is them.. lets hope so.

it is a day one buy for me. Perhaps you guys could enjoy it if you stop ur hating.

i mean, i am also looking forward to killzone 2. just because it is playstation exclusive i am not going to hate on it. even though i did not enjoy the first one, i have to admit that i am super excited to play the sequel at my friends house.

JOLLY13625d ago

Thanks for posting this video. That was awesome! I can't wait for this to come out.

Sarcasm3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

OoO yay ooohhHh yay

(goes back to killzone 2 videos)

Actually Halo Wars looks pretty fun. I'd play it.

OOG3625d ago

poor nasim he tries so hard..... and yet everyone can always tell its him...does he have a mental illness???? most likely.... how many accounts has he made now 100?

sirbigam3625d ago

People will buy it thinking "ooh another Halo cool cover art", they won't even realize that it's n RTS. If I were them marketing I would just show nice cinema videos, and blown up combat picks.

MiloGarret3625d ago

Nasim, at first your comments were annoying, then I started thinking they were funny, now it's just sad. You're clearly obsessed with this consolewar, and perhaps even slightly insane. Seek help, this is not a joke, I'm actually concerned for a fellow human being. Seek help.

On topic: don't care about this game, its an rts on a console... Ensemble might be good devs and whatever, but this is not appealing to me at all.

thewhoopimen3625d ago

Doesn't HW kind of remind you of Starcraft with AofEmpire like pacing? that's the feeling that I get from looking at the game.

ThanatosDMC3625d ago

I all ready heard the most annoying thing in the game that you might have to constantly hear.

"All units"

Anyway, if it's an RTS why do i only see a handful of units on screen? They better release a better version of the game in PC. The idea is promising, the execution sucks monkey _____.

phosphor1123625d ago

"All units. All units. All units."

Looks fair. It wont be getting any love from me though, sorry. I haven't played an RTS since Red Alert 2.

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omega73625d ago

What a lame gameplay

this will be sent to die against Killzone 2.

cant believe that this sheet game will be released on the same day in europe and Middle east (sony's territory where ps3 overtook x360 ages ago (PAL region)

caffman3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

got nothing better to do have you?

Rocky873625d ago

I did not buy a Xbox 360 for such a game. Damn that's pretty sad.
I hope there will be other games 2009.

omega73625d ago

no one in the right mind will purchase this game

interrergator3625d ago

im not gettin it kuz i dont like rts


A lame as thie looks it will sell more than killzone2 because MS will market this game more than sony will market killzone2.Thats just a fact.But im getting killzone2.

Helghast Slayer3625d ago

Wow! what a lump of junk. This against the likes of killzone2 is practically suicide. But then again no matter how crap it is retards will still buy it just because it has the name halo. I feel sorry for the millions of uninformed rats who buy this turd. Play beyond suckas.

omega73625d ago

But not something like HW which is just bad like too human

No fanboyism but no next gen game can dare launch against Killzone 2

thenickel3625d ago

Wasn't the same type of crap said about KZ1? You people seem to have a short term memory and are much worst then even Halo fans. Here you have Halo fans just talking about the magic of it and then you have KZ2 fanboys talking about nothing can compare and stupid stuff. I really hope KZ2 does well but if it doesn't you guys kind of deserve it.

Eiffel3625d ago

Where are you people getting this "Shooter against Shooter" Bullsh!t.
Killzone 2 and Halo Wars are not even in the same genre. No one said this game was competing with the other.

Jesus christ dumbasses.

JaggedSac3625d ago

Wow, this site is over run by PS3 fanboys and they are insecure about M$'s choice to send in a Halo game to compete for sales.

omega73625d ago


MS will never have anything that can respond to KZ2...

Not to mention games which will have new genre --Heavy Rain

and also super satisfying Uncharted 2

x360 is dead and so is Halo franchise??

did u even look at the gameplay? i guess not HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Keele3625d ago

This game will beat Suckzone 2 to the ground.