Latest Japanese software sales sees White Knight slip to 6th

In this, the last chart of the Japanese calender year sees last week's winning débutante White Knight Chronicles slip to sixth with sales down 65% from 206,954, to just 71,000.

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thereapersson3631d ago

The game will continue to sell. The initial rush for the game has passed, and now it will enjoy a steady stream of sales over the next few months. But it makes me wonder, as the week isn't over yet, what it will accomplish in the next week or so. Will it see another rise in sales, or will it stay relatively around this mark?

Only time will tell. One can't ignore the fact that it sold 200k its first week, though, which is impressive for an RPG.

Danja3630d ago

Level 5 and and Sony should be really happy with these figures considering that the game had lil hype coming up to release days and so far this will be the best selling next gen RPG....

Cwalat3630d ago

...and pretty impressive considering this is only in Japan.

As said erlier, the rush has ended. Like all games.. the first week is probably the most sales it will get. Later weeks is decrease, but still continues selling.

PPL in Japan has taste when it comes to RPG games,
no wonder this is the fastest selling RPG in Japan.

mint royale3630d ago

with wii, DS and psp games circling the charts its hard for any ps3 or 360 games to stay in the charts never mind at the top of them.

RememberThe3573630d ago

WKC was highly anticipated in Japan.

Sony needs to push this game.

And the Japanese need to say screw famitsu.

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Darkseider3631d ago

Considering that total sales so far is 275k. By the end of the month it should hit about 350k which is a nice solid number.

Da One3631d ago

Level don't Fail me now.....................

TOO PAWNED3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Best selling LEVEL 5 JRPG on PS2 was Rogue Galaxy, which sold "only" 350k(IN JAPAN). WKC is selling faster on less than 3 million install base, while RG had 20 million install base.
Also WKC has BEST second week of any other PS3 game in Japan so far, yes that includes MGS4 etc. So i don't know why is someone trying to spin this into something bad. "O look slip to 6th place!!!" DUH!!! What did you expect? fact that it debue on 1 place last week is milestone! PS3 game, new IP?
Haters just stop, grow up, get over yourself, really stop.

Baka-akaB3630d ago

Lol why the title for the article? i mean do we see any article about every big titles and exclusives slipping after their first week like they usually or even always do ?

Paranoid much i agree , but it's kinda funny ...

silvacrest3630d ago

After all the PS3 hate articles this was to be expected

PS360WII3630d ago

the title is that way because they know people are interested in WKC. Nothing more but some may try and read into what isn't there.

Another reason for the drop could be because they sold out didn't they? Might be hard to restock that fast.

eagle213630d ago

With Blu-ray closing in on DVD in JP, a PS3 price cut means goodbye to 360. And that's the truth.

WKC will reach over 500k. :)

mint royale3630d ago

its quite sad. For MS the 360 has already passed the original xbox so I think they are happy with what they have already achieved.

Do you expect the ps3 to get the ps2's usebase in Japan?

Launches aligned the ps2 was at 9 million already with the ps3 at 2.5 million. Thats quite a big loss generation to generation.

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Contra263630d ago

such a mediocre game...

Just go there and read the reviews in the board.
this game fails

Queers of War3630d ago

and it got 8.3 at gamefaqs, moron

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