Sony Vaio P pricing comes under fire

The Sony Vaio P netbook has undoubtedly been one of the highlight products of CES 2009, yet the seemingly high price point of £850 when it releases in the UK later this year has immediately angered many Sony fans this week.

The Euro Sony fans' anger is compounded by the fact that the Vaio P gets an $899 price tag in the US. Not to mention the fact that a Sony Vaio rep told an interviewer this week that Sony saw itself as being 'laser focused on the customer'.

For many Sony fans, when compared with the $899 US price tag, the UK pricing of the Vaio P seems to be a case of Sony Europe getting its maths a bit wrong. Not to mention a case of Sony not really seeming to focus that 'customer laser' so well on Europe.

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Fishy Fingers3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Damn right, after seeing it in the Sony Keynote I quickly hit Sony Style, saw the $899 (upwards) price and figured UK would probably see a retail of around £550+, but £850, that the equivalent of around $1300.

I know we have taxes (VAT 15%) etc but that's still seriously unfair pricing.

heylo3601d ago

be happy with the 850 Pounds because it will cost 999€ (1366 US Dollars) here in Germany

gaffyh3601d ago

Basically this is that Sony version of a Webbook/EeePC, but too expensive, although I would love to have one. I like the fact that they have included almost every way to get an internet connection on it, meaning it truly is a "Webbook"

unicronic3601d ago

When will these "multi-nationals" get their head round currency conversions. $1 does not equal £1. For Sony and their "netbook" it is going to be a tough sell for Sony especially in the netbook arena with dirt cheap offerings from Acer, Asus, HP et al.

Even $899 for a Netbook is pricey, here is hoping reality enters Sony's plans for this one.

thereapersson3601d ago

Overpricing their hardware and actually thinking they have a grasp on what consumers want...

Fishy Fingers3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Annoying isn't it. Still this made me feel better, maybe it will for you to...

Edit: Here it is slightly bigger (still SD though) >

thereapersson3601d ago

lol, I still love that video. I wish Sony would use it in their KZ 2 ad campaign!

Too bad embedded GT links always end up being really small.

kewlkat0073601d ago

Sony is like Apple,that tries to sell on Brand name..regardless of what your getting on the inside comparable to other laptops. Pickup a Dell or Hp for more bang for your buck.

Captain Tuttle3601d ago

It's the same thing as Microsoft charging people for long as people pay, MS will charge. As long as Europeans keep paying a premium for Sony products, Sony is going to charge them more. It also goes for the way Sony treats it's European PS3 owners...

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