Prototype CES 09: Demo Gameplay Trailers

Trailer 1: "Wreak ultimate destruction and commandeer a tank."

Trailer 2: "With fists this big, no rapscallion dare rumble."

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InMyOpinion3627d ago

That's the most insane main character I've ever seen in a game lol! I especially like the hammerfist weapon used in the second trailer, where he throws himself into the tank. I'm sold.

Cajun Chicken3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Sometimes you really have great taste with the gameplay videos and previews you submit.
Dark Void and Prototype, good on 'ya. Have a bubble.

EDIT: Hey, this guy has some great taste for multiplats, no matter what console we see him siding on.

chaosatom3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I like the gameplay element, but all i see people killing and blowing stuff up. I really hope that it's nothing like hulk or mercenaries 2.

and the graphics could be better.
btw, that one guy is a mgs soldier.

sonarus3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

My point exactly. Its like radical ran out of ideas and just decided to reuse the same moves the created for incredible hulk. Like 70% of prototype moves are in hulk WTF...i know some devs are lazy but common. I already paid for hulk now give me something new

hammerfist is a hulk move. The running animations and the running up the walls all hulk moves the floating thing he does in the air is a hulk move. The elbow drop move is a hulk move. Jumping up on hellicopters hulk move. Using human bodies to surf is a hulk move (though hulk uses a tank).

No3627d ago

Awesome i prefer Prototype i guess Infamous will have to take the backseat for ever.

omega73627d ago

and miles better than Crackdown

Queers of War3627d ago

because hes got no ps3, kinda obvious

Pennywise3627d ago

Because he only has one console.

Doppy3627d ago

Wrong both look amazing. At first I was all for Infamous over Prototype, until this trailer came out (the other Prototype trailers were bland).

The city in Prototype looks a little bland, meaning it's just people walking around then they run for their live when you start killing. Infamous is the same way, but there's more interaction within the city from what I've seen so far.

I loved the guy gliding through the air in Prototype that's just FN awesome, he just free fall and smashes into the ground. Infamous has it too, but Prototypes kills Infamous in this regard.

Finally getting around the city, the Prototype guy just runs and leaps through the city Hulk style which is kind of last gen, but it still looks cool especially running up the side of building (that's sick). Infamous jumping looks OK, the climbing animations look sick, but Infamous wins to me, because I saw a clip on IGN where the main guy (Cole I believe) was grinding on the power lines traveling through the city, that's [email protected]$$.

Both games look great, but I think Infamous will be the better game, but Prototype will be more fun. By this I mean Infamous will require more skill and learning of the powers where's as prototype will have kind of that God of War feeling of ripping people to shreds. If Crackdown 2 comes out this years it's going to have some tough competition.

Speaking of God of War that's going to be the best.

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Dipso3627d ago

I'm admittedly a PS3 Exclusive whore and have been following the progress of Infamous since the first trailer but I fear Sucker Punch may have the weaker game of the two. Prototype is looking quite spectacular, amazing variety of powers and moves demoed in these videos. No harm really, I'll be picking up both and finally getting away from FPS gaming, I'm determined that Killzone 2 is the last FPS game I play for this year. 2009 is looking like a good year for action games.

LikAChicken3627d ago

The only two ill be looking forward to is K2 and CODMW2. Those are the only two for me right now. I honestly think I have too many FPS and NO variety at all. Maybe MAG too only because its Zipper, but that probably won't get released this year though

thewhoopimen3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

while i am impressed with the amount of onscreen action going on at the same time. I have to question why there are all these people milling in the middle of a street in the middle of a military warzone... Are they zombies or converted creatures? why aren't they trying to run from the main charc? He's just killing everyone and nobody seems to fear the guy. People usually run and hide when shooting explosions and destruction starts happening. They don't just mill around...(ok it looks like they might be zombies... but I think the representation isn't clear. At first i thought they were people who got into the huge traffic pileup and were bleeding from their injuries...)

Lastly, while I am impressed by the sense of destruction that can be committed, I find the wanton violence very sensless and distasteful. There is just way to much decapitation and bloody explosions for my liking. This has got to be one of the MOST gratuitously violent game I've ever seen. killing bystanders in GTA4 is one thing (shoot em or fist fight em) but this game takes it to a whole another level of nonsensical mass murder. Shoot spikes out of the ground and watch bystanders getting gored isn't that fun... The main character is soo powerful that it doesn't seem to present the challenge that getting a 5 star in GTAIV does. He can fly away, camoflauge himself instantly, and can blow tanks up with a punch or gore everyone with a wide area effect attack. O_o

Ju3627d ago

^^ I agree. The extreme violence in that games turns me off bit. Even though it looks pretty in the making. But another monster slaughter game ? I assume these people are not real humans, are they ?

MK_Red3627d ago

Ju, those people are normal infected, kinda like zombies. That gooey thing on the streets is a result of that.
Also, what's wrong with blood and gore? It rules and so does the Prototype.

Ju3627d ago

I don't know. Maybe its just my cultural background ? Where I come from its nothing to get excited about. And I really can't understand all this hype as soon as a gore fest hits the streets. Sorry, that's nothing for me.

thewhoopimen3626d ago

I'm the same as Ju with the cultural and background playing against wanton violence like this. I think this game already will be greatly limited to US and Uk b/c of its gratuitous bloodletting.

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LikAChicken3627d ago

Prototype definitely seems faster paced for sure. I like both games and thank goodness there will most likely be some distanced between them. If they were released close to one another, I would have had to choose

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