5 things Android will need to do to compete with iPhone

2009 is going to be a fascinating year for mobile gaming, with the three giants - Apple, Nokia and Google - going head to head (to head) in an almighty scrap.

It's quite possible that there simple isn't going to be room for three competitors in the mobile gaming field, and with Apple taking its place as the early pace setter, Pocket Gamer examines what the other two have it all to do to catch up.

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ice_prophecy3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Shake the fashion industry.

The Apple name, and the iPhone trademarks have become a part of people's fashion.

changing that is gonna be tough...

Hobgoblin3630d ago

Excellent point - iPhones and iPods have been cleverly positioned as fashion accessories, which has got non-technophiles interested in them. It'll be hard even for Google to get that kind of vogue going on - especially when you compare the G1 and iPhone handsets on a purely aesthetic standing (and, daft as it might be, aesthetics matter).

Merritt3630d ago

Well put. Although I love my G1, it's hardly as pretty as the iPhone. It is however a much better device.

patrickjw3333630d ago

I agree merritt, i love my G1. I have the i-phone too ( i work @ at&t and its free ) but i like my G1 better.