Relic Entertainment: Support for Dawn of War wasn't up to scratch

In an upcoming interview with Dawn Of War II's Lead Designer Jonny Ebbert, we talked about the fan feedback for the original Dawn of War, and Ebbert told us about the main criticisms levelled at the first game by the fans.

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GrieverSoul3628d ago

Just reading Dawn of War sends shivers down my spine!
Too many hours, too many great fun loving caring hours on a rainy day RTSing enemies for the EMPEROR! XD

Great game! I hope this sequel delivers! Really do! (fingers crossed)

LoveWaffles3627d ago

That the Tau and our Allies will soon be heading into the conflict to secure the planet and system for the Greater Good.

But yeah their support wasn't all that great in the first one I mean I think it took 4 to 6 months to patch the SoB glitch etc etc

Skerj3627d ago

Dawn of War ruined me on other RTS, I just couldn't go back after playing that game. The only game that has stood up to it for me after its release was Company of Heroes and that's because it was also Relic (Homeworld rocks too) and it used some of the same principles from Dawn of War.

I'm an Eldar player and when I first saw the fight animations, I was hooked. DoWII is probably the reason I might not be playing Starcraft 2 anytime soon.