The Sixth Axis : Prince of Persia Review

The Sixth Axis writes "Repetitive beauty filled with eloquent banter. After a brief phone call with my other half, where I became the middle man between herself and my housemate in a school-yard-esque war of the words including the ever so popular, "You smell", countered with, "Well you're small", I decided to summarise Prince of Persia in just a single sentence and thus avoid a review all together. (Oh imagine if that were true).

For those of you unfamiliar with the Prince of Persia series, you're in luck. Ubisoft's first Prince of Persia on the apparent seventh generation of console has been given a substantial makeover. The acrobatic nature of the gameplay is still very much present, however the combat and time mechanic have been altered and removed respectively. The game is somewhat unsurprisingly set at some point in time in Persia and you assume the role of an incredibly athletic and witty Prince, of whose name is unknown. Roaming the mysterious land that a sandstorm has landed you in on your own would be very boring and have voice actors looking in the Friday-Ad for jobs; therefore you are accompanied by a magic-instilled ally named Elika. In search of your beloved gold-carrying donkey you, and blinded by the previously mentioned sandstorm, you cross paths with said Elika, and thus the story unfolds with progression achieved by healing the fertile lands."

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