The Ten Biggest Selling Games In Japan For December

Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has crunched data for December sales, and tallied up the ten biggest games in Japan. Wonder what's number one with a bullet?

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PoSTedUP3625d ago

glad to see a psp game on top ^ ^


god damn nintendo...

kewlkat0073625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

but at the same time it's kewl...Dissidia will help PSP for now then Nintendo will dominate again.

Gun_Senshi3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Wagamama Fashion Girl's Mode

btw WKC is not counted here it came out end of dec

Edit: Disagree? WKC Sold 271k in 3 days and the 5th place sold 267k units.

callahan093625d ago

I think it actually sold more like 205,000 in the 3 days that it was available during this period (Dec. 25-28) ... that's still a ton, but not 270-some. It literally missed the top 10 by less than 1,000 units, and was only on the shelves for 3 days, Christmas and the couple of days thereafter. Very nice performance for it, but would have been really something if it'd showed up on this list. As it stands, I believe it would be at 11, but since the list only goes to 10...

Foliage3625d ago

If WKC was 10th Kotaku would end the list at 9. lol

Fishy Fingers3625d ago

Wow! Look at Nintendo go. Good for them.

NaiNaiNai3625d ago

LMFAO i thought square was dead. there psp game beat the pants off WKC. kinda sad that the sony fanboys hate square for going mutiplat, then they release a exclusive, and that it sells better then the game they fanboys where saying was the end of square. XD

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