Edge: The Year Ahead: PC Games

Edge writes: "For a "dead platform," the PC is playing host to a healthy amount of alluring software in 2009.

The PC has the support of virtually all the major publishers, and they're not just porting games from consoles. Again in 2009, deep strategy games and RPGs are the defining areas that set the PC apart from consoles, where the once PC-centric shooter now thrives. As we focus mainly on PC exclusives here, we see a natural tilt towards strategy games and RPGs."

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TheTwelve3630d ago

That's about four news articles in a row that are not anti-PS3. What, got bored with digging up for them?


Joey Greco RULES3630d ago

Im really excited about StarCraft2 though.
I loved the original.
Battlefield Heroes might be fun too.

Perjoss3630d ago

would not surprise me if Starcraft2 does not even come out in 2009.

lelo3630d ago

Nice list... but there are manny games missing in that list for the PC.

Swarm3630d ago

Interesting list. Things are looking good for the dead platform.

Also I'm currently enjoying the backwards compatibility of it.... Fallout 2 FTW.