The Xbox 720 to be Released in 2011

Gameplayer presents an analysis of the industry, the console wars and the current economic climate to reveal why the Xbox 720 will launch in 2011. Details inside.

"Having come out of the gates first with the 360, Microsoft are certainly in a position to once again get their next console on store shelves first, but they may also be asking themselves if this is something that they really want to do again."

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SlappingOysters3627d ago

2011 sounds about right.

I bet you $10 though that Final Fantasy XIII hasn't even hit the Xbox 360 by then though!

Bnet3433627d ago

the hell kinda bet is $10?

evrfighter3627d ago

I would imagine it's probably a bet worth around $10

majorsuave3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )


New xbox should be a fixed, single model console with a hefty, user replaceable with one of their choice, hard drive. (no arcade, pro, elite scheme)

And should also be bundled into a spacial version of Windows, set to install and run on OEM specially built PCs (specific/limited hardware set and their subsequent iterations).

Moentjers3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

so you want your new XBOX to be a mix of the PS3 and a PC...

ThanatosDMC3627d ago

hahaha... that was great!

IdleLeeSiuLung3627d ago

Normally, I would say that Sony and MS will try and up each other. Especially when Sony saw how MS pulled ahead due to the extra year. However, Sony's situation doesn't allow them to introduce a new system due to the non-existant profit margin on their console even years out. Why? Because, by the time Sony drops their price competitively, MS will lower it again.

Finally, MS will be forced to introduce a new console to counter Sony's better value machine. This of course assumes that PS3 will continue to have plenty of great games coming out (and not just the first party exclusives).

So, next Xbox is really dependent on Sony's success this generation. Sony will not release a new console for a long time as they need to recoup the cost of the current PS3.

ronando3627d ago

PS3, being future proof and all, has a much larger product life cycle (10 Years) than traditional consoles.

Don't expect any hardware upgrades from Sony any time soon. The whole concept of "future proof" was to introduce longevity, and make it capable of competing against high quality titles that you'll see on the next MS console.

Expect the PS3 to go head-to-head for the first year or two of the the "next gen" console. At that point developers will be well versed at creating PS games and will most likely be the lead platform to develop for, as 360 will be long obsolete by then and PS3 will have a massive install base, slightly edging the 360 from global sales

thats_just_prime3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

1st MS said for a long time that the next xbox is aimed at 2011 or 2012. 2nd FF13 will be out in 2010 and from what we know its likely the FF13 will be released for both the ps3 and 360 at the same time outside of japan.

As for the ps3 10 life span it seem that there are a lot of stupid fanboys that dont understand the meaing of that. Its NOT 10 years before they release the ps4 it means the a will continue the support the ps3 the same way they have the ps2 even after the release. MS has also said that they will continue to support the 360 after the next xbox is release. In interview with peter moore I think he said MS really screw up by not supporting the xbox 1 after the release of the 360. They thought that with the release of the 360 that demand for it would die off but instead the demand went up and its a mistake they dont want to repeat.

btw 2011 is 6 years that is above average for a new system

Bloodwar3626d ago

I wonder if MS should decide to use some form of motion control and if they do, will they try to keep the controller or part of the controller more in tune with what most core gamers are used to? And if they don't perhaps the motion will be more accurate in the next gen consoles. This twitching of the wrists is just really bad. I don't get the Wii. I don't think I ever will. Perhaps when the Wii2 comes out, I might give it a go. Until then, I am happy to have a true next gen console like the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Wii was merely a gimic in my opinion and lots of Nintendo fan boys fell for it. I constantly hear one of my cousins complain constantly how he was allowed one console and he chose Wii and the console doesn't get much play time. He prefers coming to my place to play the HD consoles.

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TrevorPhillips3627d ago

2011 also the wii will be release 2010 and ps4 2012

InMyOpinion3627d ago

Gameplayer is the new Hiphopgamer.

Lord Vader3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Then 2011 will finally be THE year of the PS3 !!!

Nicolator3626d ago

By the way.. has someone finally shot that guy on hiphopgamer i am kinda glad we arnt hearing his BS ..