An Interview with LittleBigPlanet's Leading User-Content Creator

"Ole-Marius Lakselv is going to be making games for a living, sooner or later. Under his PSN moniker of Geosautis he has become arguably the most popular and famous LittleBigPlanet level maker in the world. His works such as World of Colour! and Haunted Mansion are shining examples of what a talented user with a bit of time on his hands can build using LittleBigPlanet's powerful creation tools.

We recently caught up with Mr. Lakselv to get the full story on his LittleBigJourney and to learn more about what happens when you can make kickass user-created content." - from gameplayer

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Sony PlayStation 33627d ago

"World of Colour" is AMAZING! That's definitely one of the top-5 LBP levels.

Downtown boogey3627d ago

Geosautus was the best of the beta but scarcely now...

ThanatosDMC3627d ago

I thought he was gonna be a giant sackboy.... oh well, got my hopes up.

SlappingOysters3627d ago

if this dude ends up scoring a job with a developer or something. I can see myself reading an interview in 10 years and the guy going, 'well I started off just making a few levels in LittleBigPlanet...'

Gives hope to all of us... well not me, I am less creative than a bowl of chicken soup

DrWan3627d ago

when real news surface, why ppl slow at approving...all the rehas death to PS3 news gets approve in like 10 seconds..

Sony PlayStation 33627d ago

I'm only a Trainee, I don't have the power to approve

d2dahoopa3627d ago

Im not allowed to approve

Magic_The_Celt3627d ago

Yeah, you of all people would know what a [email protected] looks like keele, you see yourself in the mirror everyday, much to the mirrors distain.

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