Attention Metacritic Users: You're Immature

In the wake of several over-reported incidents with immature metacritic users abusing said site, this article aims to confront and attack the people who are behind the low user review averages that are being given to every system exclusive that comes out.

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cheese3631d ago

Attention *Internet Users: You're Immature

SL1M DADDY3631d ago

That if the site owner was any better than said users, this might have never happened. Sorry, but I have been around long enough to see them post up reviews from sites that give no numerical value and yet, they magically receive a (and typically low) numerical value on Meta. I have also seen some reviews never posted up but posted up for other games, especially when said review would have boosted the overall game score (namely for Sony games). I have seen some shady stuff from Meta and have chosen not to support them for such actions and if perhaps they would have chosen a higher road, they may have attracted fewer fanboys that simply enjoy making statements with their user ratings...

uie4rhig3630d ago

me being a web developer, i know SOOO many ways of handling such problems.. the most simplest being is that no user votes can be set until the game is released.. even if release date has been broken, no user reviews allowed.. simple as that..

Yes most internet users ARE immature..

MountainMaverick3631d ago

I hate fanboys as well.

Which begs the question: why am I on N4G?

tinydancer3631d ago

Sometimes there's actual news, instead of articles like "IS MICROSOFT AFRAID OF KILLZONE2 LOL DER?"


cheese3631d ago

If a sheep suddenly tries to get out of the flock, it's blocked on all sides. We're sheep aware of the flock, and we're trampled by it.

Graphics Whore3631d ago

Funny you quote that in particular when the last 72 hours has been:

PS3 HAS NO GAMES x10 articles

Rs3631d ago

Indeed, its so true.

GiantEnemyLobster3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Yeah, that must tell you something about the current state of Sony eh?

Rs3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Ney, don't you get the point Lob? His proving that gaming media desperately looking for hits! They found out that writing something negativity about the sh!tbox360 doesn't work the way they planned as the PS3owners don't give damn crap about it. But they found out that when writing negativity about the PS3, the article instantly gain thousands of hits and subscribers and we all know where those are coming from.. ;) You gotta be 1 of them HA!

And, those negative PS3 articles to the xbots are like sleeping pills.

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mrdxpr23631d ago

yeah and this site just figured this out now ...but really it seems that this guy is a fanboy him self look at how he calls each fanboy from there prefered console... ( The most recent incident went down when XBOX FANBOYS brought down the user review average of the unlreased shooter Killzone 2, which will be an exclusive for the PS3. PS3 BONEHEADS responded by bringing down the user review average of Halo Wars to an abyssmal .8 out of 10).... u call the 360 fanboys just liek i said it and ps3 Fanboys boneheads hmmm.. well this guy needs to fix his words cause nobody will take him serious with his words....

tinydancer3631d ago

"...Xbox fanboys..."
"I hate fanboys."

I think he doesn't like fanboys of either.

Cheeseknight283631d ago

I'm pretty sure fanboys and boneheads are one and the same here.

mrdxpr23631d ago

u N4G is worse then Metacritic... metacritic is just helping N4G fanboys .... i dont have metacritic account just cause i dont go there ,,,

Rs3631d ago

Yet you ditch Metacritic and registered yourself here at N4G. Some people really love pulling words right out of their ass that doesn't make any sense!

mrdxpr23630d ago

well cause before all this war and exchange of stupidity N4G used to be a decent site thats why i signed up and then all of this started...

Rs3630d ago

So you want to be 'decent'. Give you some tips then
!Don't start writing comments
!Don't read any comment
!Stop reading all the negative articles
!Stop reading any article relative to console war

Best of all Stop using the Internet. No matter what as long as your surfing the net, there will always be fanboys.

austere3631d ago

no worse than this site. Less worse actually. Everyone here likes weiner. See what I did there!? Probably not cuz you are probably too immature to get it. It's a conundrum!

LeonSKennedy4Life3631d ago


You said wiener...and even spelled it wrong.

Good job.

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