Killzone 2: Forgive The Hype, This Will Be A Defining Experience

PSXExtreme writes:

"Okay, look- we're not the biggest fans of insane hype. We merely report the news, and it's not our fault that half the headlines these days have "Killzone 2" in the title somewhere. However, this may be the only instance where we can't hear enough...and that's because the feedback is so unbelievably positive, we have to start believing that Guerilla's shooter might be the single defining experience of the generation so far."

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Sony PlayStation 33599d ago

After this game launches everyone will say:

"The next generation starts NOW!"

Parapraxis3599d ago

People are saying that already, and with good reason.

jwatt3599d ago

I think the hype for this game is skyrocketing and I think the main reason why is because even if the game was to get very low scores alot of people will still buy it. I'm getting this game regardless for the online where I will spend most of my time but by looking at the latest SP videos, Killzone is looking good.

Maddens Raiders3599d ago

there's nothing like it, anywhere. And in case you're wondering Mortorstorm 2: PACIFIC RIFT is the best OFF-ROAD racing title of ALL-TIME.

INehalemEXI3599d ago

That slow mo epic trailer was to much my mind is blown. Hype has no bearing on my decision to buy this game and never had. Its on pre order already.

thereapersson3599d ago

Agreed! I saw your thread over in the forums, and all the screenshots really helped to convey the intense action and awesome graphics the game has. I just wish the driving physics weren't so slippery -- it's almost like they loosened them up a bit from the previous game. It's still fun, though!

Sony PlayStation 33599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

GameSpot will probably give it an 8.5 and claim the graphics are TOO good.

Aclay3599d ago

"It's not just a great game. For this generation so far, it may be the great game; the one production that becomes an instant measuring stick. In other words, everyone will compare future games to KZ2 for many years to come."

From here on out, every FPS game will have to answer to Killzone 2, and I'm glad that the bar has been risen yet again because someone had to do it, and I'm glad that it's a PS3 exclusive to do it.

I love it when the bar continues to be raised again and again in gaming because it only makes developers work harder and push the limits of the hardware because that's what I want to see and spend my money on.

thereapersson3599d ago

Haha Aclay, that's an awful lot of hyperbole, but I have a feeling that a lot of it is warranted with this game.

cmrbe3599d ago

seperate last gen with current gen for me is Gears.

KZ2 will no doubt lift the bar up again from MGS4 last year and then GOW3 and GT5 in 2010.

eagle213599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I am amazed of the talent that Guerilla has and PS3's awesome ability. Play b3yond? Hell yeah! :)

C_SoL3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I'm so glad to be a PlayStation 3 owner. Playstation owner since '96.


freeblue3599d ago

might be spoiler.....

ballet of deaths? giant walking robot, roaches, A bomb damn. only thing killzone 2 doens't have is a spaceship weapon that cuts the planet in half.

tinydancer3599d ago

This was on N4G a couple days ago.
And you all need a dose of it.

monkpunk13599d ago

Other games have been hyped so much more than this.. GTA was over the top as was Halo. Hype is a double edged sword the hype for GTA was huge and the game was poop, the hype for MGS wasn't half as much i.e. stores midnight launch ect. But that was the greatest game i have ever played it was my own hype that got me looking forward to it.... Bring on the KZ hype..... but just a trickle....

SL1M DADDY3599d ago

All of the arguments that the PS3 has too little RAM or that forced installs would be the death of the PS3. Taking a look at Killzone 2 I can safely say that there is plenty of RAM in the console for great looking games and that since KZ2 requires no install, the forced installs were clearly a developer problem and shows me that with great tallent, you can do anything with the PS3.

Sony PlayStation 33599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

WTF?! I lost 2 bubbles! I had 8 last night and now I only have 6! My comments have a 52-1 and 23-0 ratio of agrees-disagrees, yet somehow I lost 2 bubbles!


Please give me bubbles

Shadow Flare3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

We all agree that COD4 was already a halo-killer, but Killzone 2 is so far ahead of Halo its a joke to compare the 2. Killzone 2 might not sell more then Halo 3. Halo is hyped by microsoft to the extreme with crap like 'Halo soda'. But as a game, Killzone 2 rapes Halo 3. End of.

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brycespitler3599d ago

i love how the game comes out a month from now but every media outlet is making me have cravings for it.
its not fair.
i NEED this game.

user8586213599d ago

we ALL need this game!!! :P

Foliage3599d ago

Where are the xbots, with the awesomeness that is Killzone 2 being near release?

a) Crying
b) Hiding their 360 and pretending they were never an xbot
c) Having a hissy fit with their mommy crying for a PS3
d) Pretending like they don't want Killzone 2 while fighting back tears
e) Returning a bricked 360
f) On the top of their building ready to jump
g) Squinting their eyes while playing Gears 2 pretending like it is just as good as Killzone 2.
h) Still looking for that sex scene in Mass Effect that they just can't find
i) Windows has stopped responding and they are rebooting their system
j) Getting ready to rob a PS3
k) Building a basement under their already existing basement to get further away from society
l) On xbox live so they could be surrounded by a circle of "friends" and attempt to keep each other in their state of denial
m) Finding an article from the ends of the internet that offers a negative spin on the PS3
n) Created yet another account to get above 1 Bubble
o) Emailing Bill Gates in hoping to get him to buy out Sony
p) On a wii article laughing at a system with less games to look forward to than they do
q) Looking for Alan Wake
r) On google trying to find a cure for the RROD
s) On ebay selling the 360 and looking for a PS3, the only cure for RROD
t) Trying to create a device to stop time
u) Hoping for the Xbox 720 to be released by the end of the month so they can pretend like the generation is over and they "won", despite the year head start and the longevity of the PS3.
v) Still talking about Lair or Haze and still not talking about Too Human or anything related to Japan
w) On VGChartz trying to escape reality
x) Came within 50 feet of a girl and fell into a coma from over excitement
y) On Metacritic lowering the Killzone 2 score
z) All of the above

I think the correct answer is "z"

Parapraxis3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

"there's not a single one who's only lukewarm on this; it's basically unanimous. When's the last time you saw this? Even with the likes of GTAIV and MGS4, you could always find a few haters out there....but not this time. And that's exactly the point."
I'll add "yet"
No doubt there will be a few "renegade" game journalists who will attempt to rip KZ2 apart. They'll review it and say it's just "another mediocre FPS" in order to drive site hits and ad revenue. Unfortunately along with their many hits they'll get, they'll also be laughed at and lose any credibility.
The people getting the final build have nothing but good to say about it.
Even a few of the former 1Up crew who gave negative feedback in their preview on the 1Up show have said that the game is amazing and the qualms they had with it are now all but gone.
Listen to the Rebel FM podcast if you are interested in hearing their change of view.

Omega63599d ago

To the haters: nobody wants your opinion. Its obvious that Killzone has attracted a lot of attention, so just let it be. Killzone2 is good for gaming in general, any game that raises the bar has to be noticed and given credit.

thereapersson3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Agreed. But for some reason, people think that if they complain hard enough, their opinion will suddenly matter. It's almost as if they instill some sort of bizarre psychological condition in themselves where they think people are taking them seriously.

Fanboys... really, they're just a plague.

BTW, we need to keep the positive Killzone 2 articles coming. People rely a lot on the internet for gaming-related stuff, and if they see a lot of sites praising this game, they'll be more likely to take notice.

I hope Sony markets the SH*T out of this game. They need to make up for what they failed to achieve with Little Big Planet (and to a certain extent, Resistance 2). Metal Gear Solid 4 sold so much because it was an established franchise and everyone was already looking forward to it.

eelnats20003599d ago

couldnt have said it better.

Stop ripping a game apart for not being in the console of your choice (im looking at you fanboys).
Appreciate it for what it is.

If this game sets the bar, which it will btw, then you'd better hope microsoft comes out with something better. But for now, KILLZONE 2 will be the best FPS shooter out there.

Competition is good.

Parapraxis3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

thereapersson, I agree fully. They MUST market this heavily.
I ranted on the PSblog about their need to do this. I hope more people tell them that we, the gamers, want people to know what is being offered so that there are more gamers AND more games of this calibur.

Omega63599d ago

If Microsoft can top this game, I would LOVE to play it. Then after that game, KZ3. :)

Omega63599d ago

Yeah! I have a goatee!

Mr Tretton3599d ago

Omega, aren't you one of these 'haters' you speak of? My how we've changed over night.

thereapersson3599d ago

It isn't Omega4 -- there's no way that that fanboy would ever change his tune. This is a spinoff user, Omega6. He's a different individual than the annoying one we're used to.

ThanatosDMC3599d ago

Wow, if you hadnt written that i would have automatically disagreed with everything Omega6 said. Unless it was an eye catching troll that deserves a nod and a bubble.

MURKERR3599d ago

didnt realise that its not that fool troll omega4, you only ever see him if its negatiive, bubbles omega6

OmegaFool3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

PS3 sucks

Gears 2 looks better than KillZone 2



Sony PlayStation 33599d ago

LAMO at "OmegaFool" above me :D

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TrevorPhillips3599d ago

this is just the beginning of next gen :) all the good games are coming out not such as killzone 2, god of war 3, resident evil 5, MAG and many other great titles :)