Does Prototype have that fairy dust?

Joystiq loves Radical Entertainment President Kelly Zmak, his excitement is infectious. One might even go so far as to say that he, himself is radical ... or at least tubular. To give you a sample of Zmak, here's a bon mot he dropped on them as he showed Prototype earlier today on the showfloor of CES.

"When we get to to the preview stage and you get your hands on it and you get to play it, does it have that magic element, that fairy dust where you have those moments where you go 'F*** yeah!'?"

Here's hoping it has it.

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thebudgetgamer3631d ago

because this game looks hell-a fun


Simon_Brezhnev3631d ago

yep its look fun and good getting this and infamous

Cajun Chicken3631d ago





Also getting Infamous, but I'm afraid whilst playing it, my heart'll belong to Prototype, because I love simulated insanity. I feel this will be shorter than Infamous, but it sure looks fun! XP for doing crazy s**t! It can't get better than this.

Infamous and Prototype, you can play both fantastic sandbox games on the same console; Only on PS3.

Also; Summer...

gamiac3630d ago

this game will b awsome. i cant wait to b able to cut someone in half, do giant spikes to blow up a tank, and just change into someone and pretend nothing happened, lol. the new trailer says summer 09 but its the first week of april. if u look at the latest news article on this game on the prototype official website, it has a countdown clock for 80days, thats the first week of april