Steam reveals Empire: Total War "elite" units

If you have been wondering what the so-called "elite" units are going to be in the Special Forces version of Empire: Total War, wonder no more. Valve's Steam service has now revealed the six special units that are included in the $69.99 version of the upcoming historical RTS game from The Creative Assembly and Sega.

Oddly enough, Steam is also offering the elite units as a separate $20 download (although you can just get the Special Forces package which adds the units automatically). What does an extra Andrew Jackson get you in the game? No phasers or jet planes, unfortunately, but you will get four different types of infantry forces along with the Ottoman Organ Gun (does it shoot out ottomans or organs?) and the big one; the HMS Victory.

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Fux4Bux3599d ago

Bastards charging more for extra content from day 1. But dammit this game will be so awesome I might just have to get it. Almost anything else I'd say go to hell.

Mutley4163599d ago

I`d like to see more of this game- It has my attention.

TheIneffableBob3599d ago

At least it's optional. But damn, $20 for units. The game itself will be f'ing amazing, though.

Agent VX3598d ago

The game looks awesome, my most anticipated title of 2009.

I hope they do a "Rome 2: Total War" game soon.