GameSpy: Chainsaw Dos and Don'ts: A Look at the Resident Evil 5 Demo

GameSpy writes:

"During a rather tumultuous first week of the year, I took some time to sit down and play the Resident Evil 5 demo that's been making the rounds in Japan. It's coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Stateside at some point, so everyone will be able to brush up on their shooting skills. I'm just as excited as the numerous people who flooded my Xbox Live Inbox with messages asking how to create fake Japanese accounts to get the demo (and subsequently, me with "aw crap, they figured us out" messages when MS plug the loophole), so I decided to capture some video of my favorite section. To put it simply, I haven't invested this much time in a demo since Fight Night Round 3. That was three years ago."

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Sasanova3627d ago

the AI is really, really really pathetic