IGN: CES 2009: Touring EA's Home

IGN writes:
Nestled in Sony's giant CES booth, Electronic Arts is giving showgoers a glimpse through the front door of their new EA Sports-branded Home base. EA Sports Senior Producer Robert Burnett sat down with us this afternoon to show off the almost-done real estate that will house a brand new casual-tilting (but not hardcore-neglecting) experience. According to Burnett, EA has been at work on the EA Sports Home area for approximately six months, but an idea for something like this has been kicking around for a decade.

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Bill3574d ago

this is the best start to a year sony has seen so far. we've made the necessary adjustments, now its time to get back to form. the reasons to become a new 360 owner are getting shorter and shorter

peedie163574d ago

this space could be good for home

Bren863574d ago

yeah this home space looks really really good.