Nintendo now Owns 50% of the Next-Generation

"But should the Wii really be in the same category to the Xbox 360 and PS3?

The Nintendo Wii is absolutely killing it! We all know that: and it is showing no sign of slowing down either. In fact, we were talking to Nintendo Australia but a few days ago and they informed us that the week leading up to Christmas was the biggest yet for the Wii, with more consoles snapped up by consumers than at any other time in the machine's lifespan. It inspired us to check out the worldwide sales of the console and what we found was quite startling." - from gameplayer

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SlappingOysters3631d ago

I do think that there is probably more crossover than they are giving it credit for - it is not like the Wii has none of the same consumer money pool. Maybe it is more like...

Wii - 20%
PS3 - 35%
Xbox - 45%

just thinking attach rates here too.

SHAKIMAT3631d ago

here, Sony and Microsoft thought they were the smartest and nintedo came and showed them who is king so I guess nintendo does deserve to be in first place for being smarter even though I support the 360.

Joey Greco RULES3631d ago

....puts out some AWESOME games in 2009(doubtful), i could only IMAGINE what those sales charts would look like.

3631d ago
TheColbertinator3631d ago

Excellent.I enjoy watching MS and Sony crumble.Welcome back Nintendo,the true king :)

BananaSlug3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

someone sure loves his shovelware

Droid Control3631d ago

Any true gamer owns a 360 and PS3.

The Wii isn't even current gen, its a gamecube with a stupid remote they charge £180 for!

Ninty's audience is comprised mainly by single aprent mother with 6 kids from 6 different sperm doners and old gits over 60 drawing thewir pentions.

Basically, a comsumer base that will not cross over in a a few years to a nother console. It was a one off for them. Its why the Wii sells so little software...

deno3631d ago

That's not a nice thing to say. You must be a young fella who is all about graphics, so sad. Nintendo is definitely a wonderful company, they just need more hardcore games and 2009 will bring that.

TheMART3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Dude... Only first party is worth buying on the Wii. Which means besides the Mario's, Zelda's and Metroid Prime's there isn't so much to look out for. The Wiimote isn't precise enough, Nintendo makes you buy the addon for the mote for that.

Overall its a pile of poo stinking minigames released not worth its money. Most fun is a softmodded Wii running emulators for NES, SNES, Sega MD, Amiga 500 etc. Just bought a Wii to try that, but its not enough I can do that on my PSP with TV output also. So selling the Wii again after just ONE WEEK owning it. The PS3 is even better to keep. Wii sucks donkey balls, they sell you a Gamecube on steroïds in a new case just motion controller added... My EYES FREAKING HURT FROM THOSE GAMECUBE GRAPHICS!!! And yes I played Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Funny but thats it.

You know this right:

360: 130 games on or over 8 out of 10 average
PS3: 85 games on or over 8 out of 10 average
Wii: 40 games on or over 8 out of 10 average

Source: Metacritic. Besides 1st party allmost NO good 3rd party games. The platform stinks and is best sold to fat sisters and lazy mothers to step on the Wiishiat

mint royale3631d ago

nobody cares what your delusional mind thinks. I have actually given the wii a chance and found that is the most fun console i've ever played. I also have fun on my xbox and playstation but the wii is something different. Nintendo are the only company who have tried to gaming in a different direction. MS and Sony's updates are purely graphical and boring. Hell tetris is still one of my favourite games but that doesn't need cgi graphics. And also Super Mario Galaxy is the most revolutionary game i've played this generation (just beating out the brilliant LBP), what the hell has the xbox brought that is so differnet and will be remembered in future generations? Ring of death?

Just face it that the wii is current gen and is this generation's winner. It will make you a much more credible poster and not a laughing stock which you seemed to have gained a reputation of.

A place of a console in a generation is determined by its release date not the whims of some graphical whore.

Axelay3631d ago

And i didn't know microsoft or sony made a console, i always thought they made some kind of multimedia hub for the living room, you know what i means with all the wifi, bluray, internet, speaker, hd-dvd, hard drive, etc..

Sarcasm3631d ago

"all the wifi, bluray, internet, speaker, hd-dvd, hard drive, etc.. "

you forgot to mention and still has the ability to play gears of war 2, killzone 2, mgs4, halo etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

I can keep putting many more etc. for the games the 360 and PS3 has.

cant say the same about the Wii for $249.

mint royale3631d ago

From a combined total last gen of 220 million consoles sold and growing the figure has plummeted to 50 million this gen with little chance it will reach 100 million.

And a last generation console being released so late and still outselling the 'currnet gen' consoles is a feat and a half!

Also as well as breaking sales records the wii will become the latest entrant to even win a console war when it overtakes the ps2 and dethrones it to second place last generation.

Well done nintendo.

Homicide3631d ago

Just look at this PS3 ad.

Axelay3630d ago

Why should i justify my purchase ?
I have a console and i found no need to tell you what games i bought.
My console play games and and your console play games.
I don't have have the need to come and tell you your ps3 and xbox360 don't have games, so why do you ?

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