CES 09: Infamous trailer

New trailer for Infamous from CES 09.

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rucky3631d ago

Yet another must have game.

Lifendz3631d ago

I love what you do for me....go Sony!

P.S...This is the first time I've owned only one of the "major" consoles out and didn't want one of the other ones.

JaggedSac3631d ago

Looks like a not fun version of Crackdown.

Doppy3631d ago

That was a horrible trailer, but the game still looks good.

thereapersson3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

That trailer was awesome; i'm really liking the comic book storyline and artwork!

The game looks like it's full of intense third person superhuman action and exploration, which is just the type of game I love. This will go nicely in my PS3 collection to complement Crackdown in my 360 games collection. When Prototype comes out, the trio will be complete!

I hope that Infamous has stuff you can discover, sort of like Crackdown's beacon pickups, or GTA's hidden packages. Maybe you'll find relics from the city before the accident, to help you piece together your memories?

hazeblaze3631d ago

This game looks more awesome every time I see it! Can't wait!

austere3631d ago

yeaaaa for Lifendz! Yeaaa! Fanboys rock!

I'll enjoy my Infamous with a side of Alan Wake.

Doppy3631d ago

That trailer was a bad representation of the game. If I only saw that I wouldn't have the slightest interest in Infamous, but I've seen the ones on IGN and I know that game is going to be great.

This trailer is the worst of the Infamous trailers.

Sarcasm3631d ago

The game looks good, but I find it Ironic that I think it needs more Color. There's too much of a gray saturation going on.

Put it simply, after seeing Killzone 2 (Which is more colorful than Lance Bass on a sunday afternoon) I cant help but notice other games graphics aren't up to par.

Damn you Killzone 2, ruined graphics for potentially every other game out there.

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Cajun Chicken3631d ago

The snapping to objects during climbing around look excellent, no release date, damn.

TheHater3631d ago

Man I cannot wait for this game. This year is going to be even better than last year.

Aclay3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

The game looks awesome and looks like a really good game to follow up the release of Killzone 2 a couple of months later in Spring 2009.

An excerpt from Gamespot's CES updated impressions of InFamous:

"Fleming ended the demo before the mission was complete so as to avoid spoiling the story, but the brief glimpse we saw of the game during this stage demo looked quite good. You can expect to see more on Infamous as the spring 2009 release draws closer."

Can't wait to see what other games we might not know about are in store for the PS3 in 09'.

peedie163631d ago

this game is gonna be sick

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The story is too old to be commented.