Killzone 2 - CES 09: Big Set Pieces Trailer (Cam) - 'minor spoilers'

Watch a handful of the game's jaw-dropping cinematic moments.

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i_like_ff73480d ago

Yea....i just ran out of pants....

SIX3480d ago

Spoilers everywhere :( .........I'm glad I looked, but at the same time im sad.........This game is looking better than i thought.......faint...........

TheExecutive3480d ago

Oh yeah and thats all realtime baby. all of it. every last ***oh...ohhhhhh....oooooohhhhh hh*****

Dammit where are my .gifs when i need them :(

jwatt3480d ago

The first scene I had to pause it and collect myself.

Sony PlayStation 33480d ago

KZ2 isn't even an actual game. It's an interactive Blu-Ray movie; you know like those games that come as extra features on movie disc. It's just a clip of CGI videos that you interact with but they trick you into thinking it's a game by using the PS3 Blu-Ray player and PS3 remote. It's Sony after all, when do they NOT lie to gamers? GG doesn't actually stand for "Guerilla Games" either. It actual means "Gotcha Good".

That's what a former 360 fanboy would probably type after watching this video. I say "former" because ANYONE who watches this video will see how vastly superior PS3 is :D

I'm going to the midnight launch at Best Buy:D I'm sure GameStop won't have a midnight launch since they're anti-PS3. I still can't believe they didn't have a midnight launch for MGS4!!! GameStop=360 fanboys.

nycredude3479d ago

Gamestop did have a limited midnight launch. I waited at my local gamestop for it.

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The Captain3480d ago

Uh... what did I just see??? Holy shnikes!

UltimateIdiot9113480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

A combination of pure awesome and pure epic.

=[ So poor, the bills, the textbooks, ahhh, want KZ2, can't resist...

Cajun Chicken3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I'd say that anyone who wants the game SHOULDN'T watch this, I just potentially ruined an epic scene for myself I would of rather been suprised to see once actually playing it next month.

EDIT: Jeez, my typos and grammar is getting worse as the night goes on.
'No One', 'Anyone', must be the excitement.

Ju3480d ago

I don't really care any more. I could watch that over and over again. If it must be, until I get my hands on it. My excitement level just jumped 1000%

interrergator3478d ago

once u play the game on a tv it nearest perfection instead of watching on a computer

rucky3480d ago

TEH DESTRUCTION!!! Yeah it has some minor spoilers. Very little though. That's it! I'm not watching any KZ2 videos anymore dammit

Aclay3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Damn! That Helghast Tank scene was just awesome. It ripped through the building with the Blades on it's Treads! I don't think I've ever seen something like that.

The video wasn't much Spolier for me though because it only showed clips of various cutscenes.... but still, I almost can't believe that those cut-scenes are in-game because they look so close to CGI it's just ridiculous.

Insomniac, I hope you guys are taking note, because I want Resistance 3 to be on Killzone 2 level. Even if it takes Insomniac 2 and a half or 3 years to get it done, it's not a problem with me.

Ju3480d ago

Agree. But R3 can build on R2, they don't start from scratch. Good chance they'll reach that. But then, there's R&C in between somewhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.