CES 09: Invasion Gameplay Trailer (Cam) (Spoiler)

Pilot a walking tank and fire a shocking weapon.

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SIX3627d ago

Biggest spoilers yet!!!!! soooooo goood though......

TheHater3627d ago

I know. As soon as I say it, I stop the video. But it was badass.

Jager3627d ago

my advise, dont watch the vid, huge spoilers...

Helghast Slayer3627d ago

OMG!!! That mech was amazing. All that real time debris is so awesome. The atmosphere in killzone2 is out of this world. Seriously this is the new satndard for any FPS out there. All of a sudden my expectations are so f#cking high that anything else will disappoint me. Sony is kicking a$$ real early.

Sony PlayStation 33627d ago

Yes, the atmosphere is indeed out of this world... it's Helghast.

Aclay3627d ago

My God, when will it end! I just can't help but watch the videos.

That walking tank reminded me of the Mech that will be in F.E.A.R 2 as well, and everyone already knew of the Mech's in F.E.A.R. 2 before release, so I don't really see this too much of a spoiler.

Killzone 2 has set the bar for FPS on a whole new level and Feb. 27th couldn't come soon enough! Every other FPS game will have to answer to Killzone 2 from here on out this generation.