Sony Bashers Getting Annoying?

The Gaming Planet write says "For the passed couple of days we have only read "Xbox 360 dominates Playstation" or "Sony Dying". It's getting so annoying that it's hard to look around for what the readers are most interested. It could be possible that......."

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wwedx3601d ago

i own both a ps3 and a 360 i cannot stick up with all these XBOX 360 bashers ITS THE BETTER SYSTEM PERIOD

thebudgetgamer3601d ago

and thats fine i cant argue with you over personal tastes. i think ps3 is better. play on friend


subzero93601d ago

opinions is what keeps us alive :)

n4gzz3601d ago

I own all 3 system too. 360 is worse machine period. Very cheaply built. twice RROD.

About system, that's matter of opinion. I may not like the game that you think is the best.

ReTarDedFisHy3601d ago

#1: Think about what you've said.
#2: Read your comments.
#3: Read others' comments.
#4: Think about what you've said.

ultimolu3601d ago

That's your opinion. I think the 360 is a great system in terms of software but I'm wary of the hardware because I don't want my house blown up.

You're sick of 360 bashers? Then what about the PS3 bashers who make it their holy mission to bash all things Sony? Or plan their personal jihad against the positive articles that are posted here on a daily basis?

Oh, no one says something about those guys but oh noes! 360 bashers are out on full force! Lock ya doors yo!

Sanzee3600d ago

You have these fanboys who claim that they own BOTH consoles, when in fact they own only one. After they state that they own both, then they immediately state which one is better and start dogging the opposing console. You don't own both clown. Grow up.

*See Above For Example*

Kratos193600d ago

i own both a ps3 and a 360 i cannot stick up with all these PS3 bashers ITS THE BETTER SYSTEM PERIOD

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Product3601d ago

actually all bashing is annoying on game sites.

subzero93601d ago

True, but this article is dedicated to everything that has been happening these passed couple of days. Yes I agree with you that all system bashing is annoying.

Product3601d ago

i see where the article is coming but its for all systems not just Sony.
You notice more people look at sales figures here then actual reviews?
This site reminds me of The National Enquirer for video game fans.

SL1M DADDY3601d ago

Bashing is just craptastic and unneeded. I can understand the occasional gripe from time to time but the media these days is just bashing the PS3 for some of the silliest of reasons.

OmegaFool3600d ago

Blu-Ray looks like DVD

Gears 2 looks better than KillZone 2


Aaron Greenturd3600d ago

Does a bear poop in the woods?

Better yet, does my propaganda get annoying?

It's easy to say "Sony Bashers" but the reality is, my followers and their respective news outlets are so unoriginal, (like me) that they simply copy what everyone else is saying. I call it the Parrot Effect.

So for example, back in December when I put the word out that "Sony is doomed", look how many websites repeated that same mantra.

Everyone drinks my kool-aid.

Ugly American3600d ago

Somebody should write a similar article about you...

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subzero93601d ago

That's what people look for also, sales, which is also explained in the article, I think it should judged over personal exprience, not what some 30 year old writes on a gaming website owned by people who are 60+ years old.