Features Of The Next Gen Consoles

Digibattle: "While we are just over half way through this current console generation, curiosity, rumors, and speculation on the next generation of consoles has been far from dormant. The Wii HD has all but been announced, the PlayStation 4 has been mentioned several times by various Sony employees, even if only speculatively, and the Xbox 720 is probably going to be announced in the next year or two.

While these future consoles are still in development, there several features and functions that we should be able to expect from all of them."

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Roleplayer3631d ago

I wonder if the PS4 will still have blu-ray !

thebudgetgamer3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

after all the money and time they put into selling br it would be stupid to drop it after one gen. plus with the new 400 gig brs panosonic made games can only get bigger

edit: i have a problem with this article. wasnt it stated by people at M.S. that they intended to move forward only one day after the ps3?
please correct if i am mistaken

will113631d ago

I bet you that Xbox 720 has blu-ray

Blackcanary3631d ago

If it does MS would have to do a deal with Sony they owe half of Blu Ray and sony would get royalites because of that

ViceKingz3631d ago

not to mention that MS claimed that BR isnt the future of gaming, so theyd be basically going against what they said

RememberThe3573631d ago

Thats not really hard to believe.

SixZeroFour3631d ago

MS is going to look into Holographic Versatile Disc

FarEastOrient3631d ago


Well for every Xbox, Xbox 360, and DVD used by Microsft a royalty fee has to be paid to the DVD association that created the technology. Sony has always been a member of that association and that is the reason why it took so long for the original Xbox to become DVD movie compatible.

Ever since the release of that remote, the Xbox customers had to pay the royalties that are part of the hidden cost when buying the console and disc that comes with it.

P.S. I just saw Wipeout HD in 3D as CES2009 and I felt like stealing the whole set and PS3 on the spot.

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HDgamer3631d ago

If the 720 comes out let's say sometime next year, I can guarantee there will be some pissed off 360 owners. I would be too if the console has only been out 4 years.

Tarasque3631d ago

No where in the article does it say MS to even possibly release a new console in 2009. It says announces the new console, MS said 5 year cycle and they will stick with that.

jaysquared3631d ago

360 came out November 2005.. So if the 720 gets realeased in Fall 2010 that would make it 5 years since the release of the 360..

RRoDReaper3631d ago

Can't wait to start my new job. See y'all future 720 owners

celldomceen13631d ago

reaper you go hard all the time i must say you are dedicated to your craft.

Queers of War3631d ago

RRod on 720, i wouldnt be surprised. i mean, mathematically speaking, a 720 is the exact same as a 360 =)

3sq3631d ago

Why Xbox720? Is the third Gen of Xbox only 720p? the 360 is already at 720p. Doesn't make any sense at all. Just who came up with the Xbox 720 anyway? Fanboys? The 720 << so last gen, better be at least xbox 1080, but that's just on par with PS3 only.

SixZeroFour3631d ago

xbox360 x 2...360 x 2 = 720 thus, xbox720

its not xbox720 (if that IS the real name of the next xbox console) because it would be in 720p...but because it would be the next one after the 360

SleekDeF3631d ago

free online/internet
custume soundtrack
motion control

ThanatosDMC3630d ago

M$ will buy tons of PS3s by bulk and slap a 720 logo on it and sell it for higher price. They might rip out some components to sell it as individual accessories though.

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