Top 10 Most Addicting Games

You know these games. You can't put down the controller, you walk to go to the bathroom and you have vertigo from looking at a screen too long, you're mother used to yell at you saying "stop playing that damn game"! These are the products of the most addicting video games. In this list we will go through the most addicting video games of all time. Many to choose from, many to eliminate, many obvious choices. These games you would play into all the hours of the night and then go to bed just to get enough rest to play them immediately in the morning. You couldn't get away from these games and for this reason would be remembered as some of the greatest video games of all time.

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Son of Odin3631d ago

would've liked to see halo 2 on this list.

LeonSKennedy4Life3631d ago

Above Counter Strike, Goldeneye, or Battlefield?

I don't think so.

OOG3631d ago

id say halo 1 was just as addicting as goldeneye

OldWizard3631d ago

halo 1 was addicting when i first got it...but i cant really play it anymore. it doesnt have the timelessness of some of the other games on the list.

Son of Odin3631d ago

SMB3, while good could hardly be called addicting. u can beat in 10 minutes.

DHAV0K3630d ago

addicting but too short

Kleptic3630d ago

Tecmo Bowl...I would put Super Mario World over SM3 personally, but liked them both...and it needs the original mario kart...NOT double ass blue shell...i've never played another game in my life that punishes you for doing well...there was only one real mario kart...

but Doom for me takes the cake by far...12 years old on my parents new Gateway 2000 486 (yeah, they were called '2000s' back then)...playing till the sun came up on friday nights into Saturday with friends...

Twisted Metal 2 and Goldeneye would also be on my list...instead of Sim City and Dr. Mario...I agree with starcraft though...that game still kicks ass...

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BigSwede3631d ago

LOL WFT are you smoking???

DDP3631d ago

Great list. Although did it really need 2 racing games? where's street fighter 2?