PSU: What to expect from EA Sports' Home space

Live from CES 09, PSU has gotten full details on the newly announced EA Sports' Home space.

In-depth details on the Texas Hold Em Poker lounge, Virtual Micro Machine game, and more.

Here are some other games Home players will find in the new Home space:

Boxing Ring: 1 on 1 avatar sparring.
Basketball Court: 3 on 3 half-court scrimmages.
Football Field: Potential drills competitions or even 5 on 5 two-hand touch.
Soccer pitch: Potential 1 on 1, Goalie Vs Striker games. If not a fitting 3-4 on 3-4 style match play.

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Snow3476d ago

1vs1 boxing? Thank you EA.This is very much needed.There's alot of smartass kids on home i'd like to knock some sense into :)

Jpinter3476d ago

agreed! This should be interesting as they will need to create custom animations for Home avatars.

chaosatom3476d ago

Holy Moly.

We need more developers to do this and make fun mini games.

Parapraxis3476d ago

HAha, I can't wait.
We can set up bouts on N4G.
"dude, i totally disagree with you"
"oh yeah, wanna go for a round...i'll knock you out!"

Killzonegamer833476d ago

This is amazing!! 1 on 1 sparring?! 3 on 3 basketball!! wow

ARog343476d ago

I like the idea of a poker progressive system... that's awesome to gain further rewards for playing well and having fun at the same time. I couldn't believe what I had seen--- it's EA... EA! I thought their backs were turned- but this is AWESOME, and I have the up-most respect for them to deliver within 'Home'.

I can't wait, I just wish it wasn't so far away in time...!

spunnups3476d ago

HOME is gonna be ISH in a few years. The more developers support HOME like EA is doing, the better it is gonna get.

jaybdemented3476d ago

this is for everyone that says home is boring

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