CES 09: Sony Testing PSP As Multimedia Remote At CES

Sony's CES booth holds promise for the wi-fi connected multimedia hound: a PSP that acts as a software remote for networked audio streams. While experimental and not yet confirmed for release, the software looks cool.

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GiantEnemyLobster3541d ago

PSP fails at being a gaming device so now its being used as a REMOTE to change channels on TV LOL

Helghast Slayer3541d ago

You fail at life. Crawl back into the shell from which you descended.

ice_prophecy3541d ago

I hope it becomes fully realized.

I like the idea of this.


TheColbertinator3541d ago

Ice Prophecy has returned.All is well

thereapersson3541d ago

Sony is really working to create an all-in-one media environment for the home entertainment center, utilizing devices that all work in a state of congruence. I think it's something that not enough people give them credit for.

ice_prophecy3541d ago

I forgot to add HDTV lol.

kwicksandz3541d ago

Id rather use a remote that has a battery life of greater than 3 hours personally.

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MaximusPrime3541d ago

i have been a proud owner of PSP. I still got a japanese PSP (1000).

Looking forward to this new feature. looks interesting.

mindedone3541d ago

My PSP has infrared on the top. Sony already has a relationship with logitech. Sony should be able to sell a universal remote application on the playstation store.

Hercules3541d ago


back-to-topic: nice idea