PSN Pundit: Beautiful Flower and the Oh-So-Horrible Pulse

Crispy Gamer writes:
"Recently, Sony sent an email with an online code to download Flower, the long-in-the-making follow-up to That Game Company's well-regarded flOw. FlOw has a dreamy, relaxing quality to it that almost feels like doing yoga under the sea; you want to say "namasté" to someone after playing it for a half-hour.

Open that flower -- in this case, probably a Canadian anemone.
I wondered if Flower could bloom bigger than flOw. But first, I had to download Flower and a PlayStation 3 debug update. I'm not a luddite, but it was stressful, and the download took a lot of time. Somehow, the PS3 didn't read the data on the SD card. Worrier that I am, I wondered if placing the two files into the PS3 via a memory stick would work. The machine sucked up the info like a hungry dog. But I was still stressed -- until I played the game."

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brycespitler3631d ago

is an experience i want to have

RiseOfMonster3631d ago

is a game I want to have.


For such a fantastic looking game I'm sad that it isn't getting more traffic. :(

I hope it makes a big splash when it's released.